Obama/UN Supports Honduran Dictator Zelaya

Keep in mind, the reason why this sonofabitch was ousted is because he violated the Honduran constitution (http://www.honduras.net/honduras_constitution2.html), which states that the act of “inciting, promoting or backing the continuation in power or re-election of the President of the Republic” punishable with the loss of Honduran citizenship. 

He tried to pull a Hugo Chavez (a good buddy of his) and make himself dictator for life.  The Honduran military, under court order, escorted Zelaya out of the country. And of course our Dear Leader insists he be reinstated.

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Fox News reporter Major Garrett ‘Twitters’ from the White House briefing:

Gibbs: no other outcome acceptable than Zelaya return to power in Honduras. Sez Zelaya wld meet w/State Dept folk, not POTUS if he visits US.

Timing is everything:

Gibbs said Admin spoke out so rapidly on Honduras in part to beat back rumors US was involved in coup. Sez will keep US ambassador there.

Obama “meddles” so fucking well. Especially when he speaks up for brutal dictators in Iran and Honduras. Gawd forbid he should be accused of supporting a coup.

Honduras’ ousted president won overwhelming international support Tuesday as he planned a high-profile return to his chaotic country. The politicians who sent soldiers to fly him into exile in his pajamas said he will be arrested for treason if he tries.

The showdown was building to a climax as the presidents of Argentina and Ecuador signed on to accompany President Manuel Zelaya and other figures on a flight to Honduras on Thursday. Attorney General Luis Alberto Rubi said Zelaya would be seized “as soon as he sets foot on Honduran soil” and face 20 years in prison on charges that also include abuse of authority.

A preview of coming attractions:

“I’m going back to calm people down. I’m going to try to open a dialogue and put things in order,” Zelaya said at the United Nations. “When I’m back, people are going to say … `commander, we’re at your service’ and the army will have to correct itself. There’s no other possibility.”

The U.N. General Assembly voted by acclamation to demand Zelaya’s immediate restoration, and the Organization of American States was meeting to consider suspending Honduras for straying from democracy.

Honduras did not ‘stray from democracy’; they preserved it by un-assing a power-hungry dictator from the country.

……Zelaya — whose elected term ends in 2010 — had defied the Supreme Court and called a referendum on constitutional change that opponents worried would lead to Zelaya prolonging his presidency.

Zelaya backed down from the referendum on Tuesday, saying at the United Nations that he would no longer push for the constitutional changes he had wanted.

“I’m not going to hold a constitutional assembly,” he said. “And if I’m offered the chance to stay in power, I won’t. I’m going to serve my four years.”

He said he would then go back to being a farmer — a humble description considering the wealth he has accumulated in ranching and agribusiness.

Thw “world” unites around a Latin American despot with demands for his return, but can’t muster up enough intestinal fortitude to tell Kim Jong Il where to shove his nuclear threats, or tell Ahmadinejad that his Guardian Council-backed “election” is a fucking sham.

More of what Obama and the MSM excludes from the situation:

The Wages of Chavismo

The Honduran Counter-Coup

Gawd, 2012 can’t come soon enough. Maybe then we’ll get a president with balls.

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