‘Occupy’ Fleabagger Goes Apeshit (UPDATED)

Meet Edward T. Hall III, 25. The New York Times cryptically describes him as:

……a well-educated young man with a privileged upbringing who said he was following a calling greater than getting a job and making money.

……grew up in New Mexico and that both his parents were politically active lawyers who were thrilled that he was pursuing a socially conscious life and was involved in the Occupy Wall Street protest. Mr. Hall said he attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and then transferred to Bard College in upstate New York because of its reputation as a socially conscious school.

He had been renting in Washington Heights for the past two years while attending doctoral classes at Columbia University as a nonmatriculated student. He said that he supported his modest lifestyle with savings from working as a teenager and that he also had “a small trust fund” from his grandfather that he had not drawn from yet. For the past four weeks, he has eaten free meals and has slept in the park.

“Nonmatriculating” = aimless professional student taking piecemeal courses. He doesn’t have the brains or motivation to actually get an education, a job, or a carve a constructive niche in society.

He’s just another “occupy” loser with an entitlement culture ax to grind.

And he’s a trust fund red diaper baby. Color me shocked.

Below is the video where he goes bonkers.

Funny as hell: a whiny little pussy having a full blown tantrum. ‘Occupy’ at its finest.


More at LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=539_1318434275

Kinda reminds me of this:


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