‘Occupy’ Losers Have a Website to Post Their Sob Stories

Go here to see the pathetic crying jags: http://wearethe99percent.tumblr.com/

This is what happens when you choose a major that’s tantamount to Basket Weaving 101:

So, the little asshole has a degree in  “Greek Classical Studies”?  Hasn’t she noticed the total breakdown of the Greek economy because the government that fed the maws of the entitlement culture sucked the lifeblood out of the country? Sucks to be her.

The “Occupy” crowd has a lot in common with illegal aliens; all they have is a list of demands and no contribution.

Scroll down the page on the site, and you’ll notice some common denominators; mostly white, with college degrees that have virtually no chance of getting them gainful employment. How in the fuck do they expect to get hired into a high-paying job with a “classical studies” major, even though the thought of working for eeeevil corporations is abhorrent.   There’s also incessant whining over “student loans”, “no jobs”, and how it’s “not what they were promised their first day of school”.  It’s the university’s fault. It’s society’s fault. It’s the corporations’ fault. It’s the fault of those eeeeevil rich bastards who worked hard and made money. It’s Bush’s fault.  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  What a bunch of pathetic candy asses.  The agonizing list of complaints range from maudlin to nutty as a fruitcake.

 “I’m scared to look for a job because of my lack of experience and my bipolar disorder, and the fact that I’m transgender. I’m the 99%”

No, you’re just bat-shit crazy.

Oh, and there’s even a 6-year-old human shield for the cause, holding a sign that reads:

“I am almost 6. My mama can’t afford birthday presents for me this year. We are the 99%”

Nice touch, mom.

Newsflash for the “Occupy” slugs:

No, you are not the “99%”.  Of anything. You’re a hell of a lot better off than the generations of Americans who built and protected this country through mass immigration in the 19th century and two world wars.  You’ve got it made compared to your grandparents and great grandparents.  Instead of doing what it takes to get your lives together and work for what you want, even if it means taking that temporary less-than-desirable job,  you’re too busy wallowing in self-pity.  Thank gawd this country didn’t have to depend on assclowns like you during the last 235 years of its history. It’s bad enough you’re going to be part of its future.

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1 thought on “‘Occupy’ Losers Have a Website to Post Their Sob Stories”

  1. paul murphy

    could someone from the loser occupy world where in the history of the world…anywhere in the world from the beginning of time that when you get an education someone is obligated to give you a job? I would be glad to give the first occupy protester a $1000 if they can tell me tha tanswer..also as you march around and crapping on our streets, destroying public property and demanding socialism and marxism to be instituted in the free world please tell me how that worked for Nazi Germany and Soviet union? My grand father faught these evil mongers and we will fight you evil mongers also as this country was founded on the principle that if you work hard you get rewarded for that work, Nothing says it will be easy…not is it guaranteed. When the real American patriots rise up in this country, you all will be the first to go down along with your socialist buddies.

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