‘Occupy’ Plans for RNC Riots

Obama’s people.

Hat tip to John Ekdahl and Laura W. from Ace of Spades.

Brandon Darby is a former leftwing radical who was instrumental in saving lives by undermining a left-wing terrorist plot at the 2008 Republican convention. His transformation from a far left nihilist to patriotic American citizen started in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

He recently gave a a detailed explanation of how the ‘Occupy’ thugs’ plan to disrupt the RNC convention; and not exactly with peaceful protests, either.

As a matter of fact, ‘Occupy’ retards left bricks and pipes on rooftops near the convention center to injure or kill people in attendance. They also plan on invading the neighborhood; targeting residences, hotels, and businesses.

This is what happens when a bunch of leftard losers spend too much time on the computer in mommy’s basement, talking about “revolution”. They’re a fucking joke. if they bring violence, they’ll get violence in return.

Here’s a classic piece written by Kurt Schlichter, Army vet: Protestors should try occupying reality for real change.

2 thoughts on “‘Occupy’ Plans for RNC Riots”

  1. We keep hearing about the “Zombie Apocalypse”. I’m not concerned about that. Now, the “Occupy Apocalypse” is another story. They say that you have to head shoot the Zombies, pretty sure that will work on the occupiers as well.

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