‘Occupy Wall Street’: It’s Not Just Another Leftwing Protest, It’s Weapons Grade Idiocy

Dan Gainor at FoxNews describes the sea of stench and chaotic delusion of bongo-beating, revolution-for-the-hell-of-it anarchists.

……The few thousand that have turned out to occupy Wall Street 24-7 are mostly young, rarely bathe and chant a lot….Several were seen wearing face masks reminiscent of the movie “V for Vendetta,” a common practice with the hacker group Anonymous which is backing the efforts. It adds a touch of street theater to the proceedings.

……Naturally, capitalism is their favorite target. They proclaim it in signs, comments and in interviews. Their “declaration of demands” reads like some deluded fantasy about things they hate in the world. Those include: corporate-produced food, animal testing, the death penalty, outsourcing, paying for tuition, campaign finance, colonialism and carbon-based energy. They left out some of the protest standards of “Free Mumia” and “Death to Israel,” but those are sure to surface over time.

It’s a classic catch-all designed to placate enough various radical agendas to garner media support. And it’s already working. The (New York)  Times is writing lovingly about such protest notables as one character named “Hero” and another called “Germ.”

John Hawkins at Rightwing News sees a bunch of hypocritical, airheaded slackers.

The greatest thing about the Occupy Wall Street protest is that it’s practically a live re-enactment of the hippie jam festival from South Park. You have a bunch of hippies, stoners, and left-wing tag-alongs protesting Wall Street in order to… well, nobody seems to know.

Best I can tell, the idea seems to be that a bunch of over-educated, under-motivated leftie airheads are going to camp out in New York and occasionally block traffic to keep people who are working from getting home until America becomes the Soviet Union circa 1970.

As if the circus wasn’t entertaining enough, filthy rich Hollywood halfwits are chiming in. Queen Roseanne Barr proclaims: “Off with their heads”!  Susan Sarandon dropped by the protest to ‘get educated’. Multi-millionaire attention whore Michael Moore has been a regular visitor and will probably milk this opportunity for another “documentary”.  As Hawkins points out: People like Moore  are filthy rich because they worked with exactly the sort of corporations the protesters are complaining about.  When are the ant-capitalist, angry-at-the-rich morons going to march in front of the residences of Moore, Sarandon, Soros, Krugman, and the rest of the leftwing rich elite? Or are they just part of the double standard? Cognitive dissonance doesn’t seem to affect them.

Leftwing media hacks and politicians who spent most of the last two years disparaging the grassroots Tea Party patriots are  (naturally) cheerleading the radical mobs. 

One of two things will happen:  The lunatic fringe will either finally get bored with their faux “activism” and disperse, or they’ll turn to more violence and full scale riots.  Either way, their grotesque exhibition is an epic fail.

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