‘Occupy’s Growing Crime Wave (With Updates)

But remember, according to leftwing dipshits, ‘Occupy’ is like the Tea Party.


Big Government has a running tally. It’s into the hundreds.


Verum Serum breaks down the ‘Occupy’ crime wave into categories.

Arson, assault/threats, fraud, murder, public disturbance, rape/sexual assault, and sedition, are just some of ‘Occupy’s contributions to nationwide crime statistics.

Exclusive: Occupy Wall Street Bans Rape Whistleblower From ‘Spokes Council’

Occupy Eureka

Occupy protesters defecate in bank entry ways, assault people trying to use ATMs.

Occupy D.C.
6 Nov. 2011- Occupy protesters push 78 year-old woman down flight of stairs.

5 Nov 2011- Occupy violence against Daily Caller reporter, and harrassment of people and their children leaving a conservative political event.

Occupy Madison

28 October 2011-  Occupy perverts lose permit because of public masterbation.

Occupy New York

5 November 2011- Occupy protester gets violent when McDonalds won’t give him free food.

10/28 – Occupy Wall St. gets dangerous; NYPD threatens to sue rowdy demonstrators who initiate violence


10/27 – NYPD sergeants threaten to sue Wall Street protesters

10/27 – Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders

10/26 – Rikers cons flood Zuccotti for free eats

10/25 – Three men threatened to kill 24-year-old Occupy Wall Street protester: cops

10/23 – ‘Occupy’ crasher busted in grope

10/18 – Thieves steal numerous items

10/10 – Reporter offered pot and heroin

Occupy Bloomington

10/16 – Man claims protesters drugged, handcuffed him

Occupy Hartford

10/16 – Man charged after pulling knife

Occupy Boston

10/23 – Two protesters arrested for dealing heroin with 6 year old child in their tent

Occupy Dallas

10/24 – Police investigating 14 year old runaway that said she had sex with a man in his early twenties, and performed sexual acts with several other people

Occupy Portland

10/28-  Excrement in buckets, assaults in Chapman Square.
10/19 – Man arrested for possession of marijuana

10/16 – Sex offender registers Occupy Portland as his address

10/8 – Police investigating possible sexual assault

Occupy Denver

10/15 – Protester accused of groping TV photographer

Occupy Cleveland

10/19 – Police investigating possible sexual assault

Occupy Lawrence

10/25 – Police investigating separate battery and sexual assault cases

Occupy Sacramento

10/22 – Occupy organizer raped women, organizers helped cover it up

Occupy Seattle

10/18 – Public masturbator set to attend Occupy Seattle arrested

Occupy Minneapolis

10/25 – Police discover stash of rocks and bricks, labeled for riot

Occupy Baltimore

10/21 – Official pamphlet circulated suggesting not to report sexual crimes to the police, and that the occupy committee would provide counseling services instead

10/26 – Occupy Baltimore awaits city action; revises sexual assault guidelines

Occupy Oakland

10/25 – City received reports of a sexual assault and a severe beating

10/19 – Dog attacks and bites reporter


Occupy Austin

10/24 – Man arrested after pulling bowie knife and threatening man

Occupy Toronto

10/21 – Strange arrest after man caught sniffing feet

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