Ohio ACORN Hack Announces Senate Candidacy

Remember Jennifer Brunner? Our illustrious Democratic Ohio Secretary of State abetted ACORN voter frauds by forcing elections officials to accept absentee ballots and voter registrations, even though they were riddled with discrepancies. She issued a directive that forbid them to challenge voter eligibility when personal information from new voters didn’t match state motor vehicle or federal Social Security records in an automatic computer check.

This opened the flood gates for ACORN’s illicit activities to go unchecked.

She’s back like a Obama voter at their 2nd polling station.

COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is turning to the Web to make her announcement that she is officially entering the race for the U.S. Senate seat. She made the announcement around 2 P.M. through a video on a new campaign Web site.


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She violated federal and state law to rig the election in Ohio for THE ONE, and was never investigated.

I wonder how many ACORN registrations she’ll get?

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