Ohio Election Results

From the Lorain Journal.

Issue 2, which would have upheld the law holding the union mafia in check, was defeated.

Voters of both parties in every corner of Ohio helped defeat the state’s new collective bargaining law Tuesday by a wide margin, sending a message that Gov. John Kasich said he would need time to fully digest.

All but five of Ohio’s 88 counties opposed the law, more than half with upwards of 60 percent of the vote, according to final unofficial results.

The nationally watched campaign dominated the general election, though a largely symbolic amendment to the state constitution snubbing federal health insurance mandates won by an even stronger margin in even more counties.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting early Wednesday, more than 61 percent of voters had rejected the union-limiting Senate Bill 5.

Of course head union thug Richard Trumka is crowing about it:

“I think it says people are tired of the excuses and the political games and the attacks on working people and their ability to make a living,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said of the rejection of Kasich’s collective bargaining overhaul.

Wait until Governor Kasich is forced to make cuts that affect working people because you union pigs refused to compromise.

At least the voters had the common sense to kick ObamaCare to the curb. Issue 3 passed:

Jeff Longstreth, who managed the successful Healthcare Freedom Amendment campaign, said voters supported opting out of the 2009 federal health care law for similar reasons.

“Ohioans and Americans understand. They don’t want forced government health care, they don’t want to be told what to buy, what to eat, what to drive,” he said. “What a lot of people in Columbus and Washington, D.C., don’t understand is we don’t send our elected representatives there to take our liberty away.”

All the proposed levies that would have raised taxes (again), went down to defeat:

The Lorain City School District will begin preparing to cut $12 million from the budget with the failure of Issue 14.
……Issue 14, which was a 1.5 percent earned income tax levy, failed with a final vote of 6357 voting against the levy and 5668 voting for the levy, according to unofficial results from the Lorain County Board of Elections.

Voters turned down Issue 22 — a five-year, quarter-percent sales tax increase that was projected to bring more than $7 million to the county for justice system services. Officials have warned of drastic cuts to come.

The money from Issue 22 would have freed up county revenue to meet other expenses if it had been approved.

The sales tax failed more than 2-to-1 with 61,544 votes against and 29,572 votes in favor, according to unofficial election results from the Lorain County Board of Elections.

A Democrat won the mayor’s office in Lorain. And in other news, the sky is still blue.

We only lost one out of the 3 important issues, and the Lorain mayor’s race was the requisite result.

If I were Kasich, I’d start swinging the ax.

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  1. butt neckid

    now who was it that said…

    “the average american voter is a dumbass???”…

    oh I kno’…it was me!!!

    good work ohio voters, or should I say dumbasses…

    is skrewin’ yourself the same as masterbation???

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