Ohio School District Wants to Extort More Money From Over Burdened Taxpayers

This article is another sad tale about my hometown of Lorain Ohio, the destruction of which is an accumulated effect from years of democratic-controlled mismanagement.

Lorain schools wants combo tax

The Lorain school board are asking residents to approve an $8 million combination levy in November.

The combination levy will feature both an earned income tax and property tax, allowing the district to spread the burden of the cost.

The levy will generate $5.4 million from the 1 percent earned income tax collected from Lorain residents and $3.2 million from a property tax. The millage has not been determined yet.

Lorain City Schools will be one of the first districts in Ohio to try and pass a combination levy.

“The income tax will only effect those living in the Lorain School district area,” attorney Tony Giardini said.

Currently, the district is projected to face an $11 million deficit for the 2011-12 school year.

“We are trying to get it (money) back without massacring the district,” board President Tony Dimacchia said.

Dimacchia sympathized with community members saying that between bills and supporting a family something people feel like there is not enough money.

“I guess the question is,” he said, “Is their children’s education worth it?”
The income tax is a continuing tax, meaning it has no end date in sight. The property tax will be for seven years and then it would have to be renewed by the voters.

The main question that crossed members of the boards minds wasn’t if a levy was necessity but, how much money they should ask for. To help eliminate the $3 million deficit the district will be hoping to bring back students that have open enrolled in other districts.

Schools receive about $6,000 for each students that they have enrolled.

“I think the district has been moving in a positive direction for the past three years,” board member Paul Biber said.

And the board hopes residents see that as well.

The resolution will be taken to the Lorain County Auditor’s Office to get a millage amount, so the board can be finalized the levy, which it is expected to do at the July 27 meeting at 5 p.m. at the Charleston Center in room 33.

Dear Lorain School Board:
Not only NO but HELL NO.

I’m a retired Army veteran on a fixed income. My property taxes have already gone up, yet the average home in this town is being constantly devalued.  I’m sick to death of this Democratic-controlled district squeezing every penny they can from our wallets while they waste taxpayers money because they can’t stick to a budget.  The newly proposed $70 million money pit aka the new “Lorain High” and the $17 million Southview Middle School, built right behind the old Southview High School which was only 40 years old, are prime examples. For anyone who doubts just how intent they are to extort money, read the statement by Dimacchia, “I guess the question is,” he said, “Is their children’s education worth it?”

Scuse me, but we’ve already pumped MILLIONS into education and the results are just more tax increases.

What ever happened to the percentage of lottery money that was supposed to be set aside for “education”?


Throwing money at bloated projects like this does not improve the quality. Kids still cannot construct an intelligent, coherent sentence and they graduate with diplomas they cannot read.   Teachers should get promotions and pay raises just like the rest of the job market; by merit based performance.

I have watched my town go from a reasonably employed and populated flourishing place, to a virtual ghost town. The Steel Mill and the Ford Plant are barely existing.  Many of the businesses in the downtown area have been boarded up and long gone. The Lakefront area, prime for development and recreation, is languishing. The sad fact is that many of the residents are complacent to the point of being comatose.

Now the school board wants to squeeze blood from a turnip.

The arrogance of the Dem regime knows no bounds.  City Treasurer Karen Shawver, wants to “hunt for taxpayers” in order to foot the bill for increasing its income tax department budget for salaries to $179,000 to help implement the changes to collect more money.

The town of Lorain is in its death throes. Here’s a suggestion for the city council: set aside some money to erect a sign at the city limits that reads: WELCOME TO NECROPOLIS.

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