Ohio University Student Group Wants PC Halloween

Are they serious? I mean fuckin’ really?

Students at a university known for its Halloween parties are speaking out against what they call racist costumes.

Ohio University’s STARS, or Students Teaching about Racism in Society, recently started posting pictures around the Athens, Ohio campus.

The posters read “We’re a culture, not a costume. This is not who I am, and this is not okay.” The four different posters feature pictures of students of different ethnicities, holding photos of a few all-too-common Halloween costumes: a geisha, a couple wearing feathered-headdresses, a terrorist, a man in a sombrero riding a donkey and a girl painted in blackface.

The organization’s mission, according to the school’s website, is to facilitate discussions about racism and promote racial harmony.

……there are already Internet parodies.

Lets compare the STARS posters with reality. As you will see, there isn’t a hell of a lot of difference between the so-called ‘stereotypes’ and real life.





Those ‘costumes’ are uniforms worn for the purpose of training future homicide bombers for ‘allah’.

It’s a culture thing.

They sure as hell don’t dress up like Little Bo Peep when they strap on a bomb and go wading into a marketplace full of innocent people.


Reality: A Mexican siesta. Note the full ethnic costume.


Come to think of it, this is probably more to the point:


Illegal aliens basking in the protection of an Obama regime that doesn’t enforce federal immigration laws, and certain “sanctuary cities” that ignore the law altogether.



Yeah, everyone wants to see your fucking boxer shorts because your pants are almost down to your ankles.



Not much difference…okay, she’s got more pancake mix on her face and the hairdo’s smaller.



This guy certainly doesn’t look like an Indian.  Their genetic traits prevent them from growing any body hair, and growing a beard or mustache is next to impossible. He may be part Indian, but that’s it.



They’re in full ceremonial regalia.  Even more than the guy in the Halloween get-up.  And that’s racist, how? No pun intended.

More on the student’s PC crying jag here:


I’m as hyphenated as you can get; Irish-Scots-German-Cherokee. You’ve only got one of my ethnic backgrounds covered.  How ’bout a leprechaun? Or a drunken Kraut in lederhosen? Or a Scotsman in kilts with a sheep?

What about the southern redneck trailer trash? You forgot them.  Or do “stereotypes” only apply to certain ethnic groups?

You’re not a culture, you’re a gaggle of fucking PC progs who want a vanilla universe with no humor, no free speech, and no counterpoint to your batshit crazy new world order; where everyone is forced into a so-called ‘global multicultural’ society, with no real ethnic identity except those dictated by the race czars.

The trouble with you “post-racial”  children,  is that your ideology is entirely based on race.


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