O’Keefe Media Group Undercover Video Shows a Pentagon Official Wants to Get Rid of Border Wall, 2nd Amendment




Beck is the prime example of the woke leftwing contamination in our defense agencies and military.

The US military is infested with leftist ideologues. For eight years, B. Hussein Obama  purged experienced, dedicated patriotic senior leadership  from the ranks and replaced them with apparatchik tools like Mark Milley.  Obama’s regime broke the law, trashed the Constitution, and weaponized government agencies against American citizens. None of that bothered Milley.

Biden picked up where Obama left off.

The social engineering and rancid policies are  turning the military into a second rate superpower.

Military recruitment has hit rock bottom. No one wants to join the armed forces and be subjected to the unconstitutional vax tyranny and the “woke” bullshit.  The armed forces are being depleted of anyone capable or willing to fight.  The Biden regime and the current crop of proglodytes in the pentagon are hellbent on pushing an agenda that turns the military into mush.

Forget combat readiness; forcing Soldiers to shower with trannies, pushing “Critical Race Theory”,  ‘gay rights’drag showsdeference to Islamofascist theocracy, demonizing the nation’s founders, and whatever hairstyle you want is the agenda now.

Trannies are not only permitted in the military, but they’re exempt from physical fitness standards.

The ChiComs and Russia present real threats to the West, but the U.S. military is busy with ‘diversity, equity, and inclusiveness’.

Our enemies are laughing their asses off.



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