On the Installation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the SCOTUS

She’s a black radical, an anti-white bigot, pro-illegal alien, goes easy on pedophiles. and proudly represented Islamic terrorists. All the requisite boxes were checked for Biden’s requirements. Merit and substance have no bearing on any of his choices.


And she’s “not a biologist“, so she has no idea how to define a woman.  She insists child pornographers aren’t pedophiles. One of the perverts she slapped on the wrist for processing child porn, thanked her profusely for the 3 month sentence.

Another pedo she was soft on is an Oklahoma public school teacher named Lucas William Cane, who distributed thousands of child porn images on the Internet. Cane posted 23 cloud storage links containing more than 6,500 pictures and videos ‘depicting children who appeared to be of elementary, middle, and high school ages engaged in sexual acts or posing sexually.’ Some children appearing alone, with adults or with other children engaged in various sex acts.” Jackson gave the shitbag the mandatory minimum, 60 months in prison, instead of the 84 months that’d been requested by prosecutors.

The scrunt also went easy on child-porn cases that involved horrifying details of sadomasochistic torture of young kids — including infants and toddlers.

Note the difference between the way Dems treated Bret Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett compared to the woke CRT militant being fawned over by Dems.

From a quote  in an article at American Thinker:

Jackson is a Trojan horse, set to spill out all the weaponry of the progressives into our court of final appeal should she be approved. She will be dogmatic and anti-rational. She will view everything through the lenses of power structure and victimhood. Her work on behalf of the very worst terrorists in the entire human population and her expressed sympathies with the most horrible destroyers of human dignity (pedophiles) already predict this.

She will not regard the law as founded in an objective, defined reality but will push for a fluidity of definition, subject to prevailing arguments. With her, the Constitution, law, customs, tradition, and precedent will lose all meaning. See her past deliberate setting aside of sentencing guidelines to know how she will continue.

……Brown Jackson is intellectually lazy and careless. She’s a thoroughly committed leftist Progressive. She’s the last type of judge we need on the Supreme Court.


This shitbag can’t even decide whether individuals possess Natural Rights as explained in the Declaration of Independence.

She is not qualified to sit on any bench, let alone the SCOTUS.

As if the SCOTUS wasn’t infected with leftwing activist shitbags already, now they’ll have this turd on the bench.


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