One of the Capitol Cops Responsible for the Murder of Roseanne Boyland Lied During Testimony


I’m shocked.

Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland were just two of the murder victims on Jan 6. Benjamin Phillips and Kevin Greeson were also killed.

Lila Morris, Harry Dunn, and Aquilino Gonell,  are the capitol cops who brutally beat Rosanne Boyland to death. None of them were charged.   Michael Leroy Byrd—the capitol cop who murdered Ashli Babbitt the same day—, is also walking around scot-free.  Byrd was investigated in 2019 for leaving his service weapon laying unattended in a Capitol bathroom. The firearm was Byrd’s service Glock 22, the same style weapon that was reportedly used to murder Babbitt.

The capitol cops were paraded in front of a maudlin Dem/RINO  ‘J6 committee’ that wrung every bit of hatred for MAGA and Trump supporters they could muster. It was a pathetic circus of fiction and fake crying by Adam Kinzinger.

The J6 video tapes released by Speaker Mike Johnson, confirmed what we knew and the Dems tried to hide. Most of the protesters were peaceful, not violent, and were actually escorted through the capitol.

The real victims of violence were on the receiving end of the capitol cops’ batons, fists, and guns.

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