One of the Vegas Teen Thugs Who Ran Over Retired Cop: ‘I’ll be out in 30 days’

They filmed the murder for posterity:


NY Post

The teen driver who allegedly mowed down a retired police chief in a fatal hit-and-run told Las Vegas police he would be back on the streets in under a month, according to a report.

Jesus Ayala is accused of driving a stolen Hyundai Elantra on Aug. 14 along with Jzamir Keys, 16, and deliberately crashing into and killing Andreas “Andy” Probst, 64, who had been riding his bike, a disturbing video showed.

Ayala, who just turned 18, was arrested hours after Probst was killed and told the police while in custody that he wouldn’t be locked up for long.

“You think this juvenile [expletive] is gonna do some [expletive]? I’ll be out in 30 days, I’ll bet you,” Ayala told the cops, according to KLAS.

“It’s just ah, [expletive] ah, hit-and-run — slap on the wrist.”

Police had not yet told Ayala about any hit-and-run charges, and he was only arrested for a warrant and obstructing a peace officer, the outlet reported.

Ayala is being held at Clark County Detention Center without bail and was hit with 18 charges including murder, attempted murder and grand larceny.

Ayala and Keys made their first appearances Thursday in Las Vegas Justice Court, where the teens face charges as adults.

In their brief, separate appearances, neither teen spoke and was not asked to enter a plea.

The two cases are being handled separately due to the timing of when they were arrested — Keys was captured on Tuesday.

“Both these defendants will be charged with open murder, attempted murder, and many other related charges,” Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told reporters outside court.

Prosecutors also sought high bail pending trial before Wolfson called the two a danger to the community.

“The events in these cases are related,” he said. “I’m very confident these cases will be consolidated.”

Keys, who was handed three charges, was arrested after he was caught on camera getting into a fight last week.

Police linked him with the deadly hit-and-run because of the white tennis shoes seen in both videos.

The video allegedly recorded by Keys in August captured the moment the stolen car plowed into the back of Probst while the two teens laughed, saying, “Hit his ass.”

Probst was tossed over the hood of the vehicle and left to die.

My son dindu nuffin’:

…….“My son’s side of the story will be told, ‘the truth,’ not the inaccuracies the media will try to portray,” Keys’ mother said in a text to the station.

The death penalty will not be sought in either case because under Nevada law, they face 20 years to life in prison if they are convicted before they turn 18 years old.

The two teens are accused of going on a crime spree throughout the day on Aug. 14, as they allegedly hit a 72-year-old bicyclist while in a stolen Hyundai sedan, drove away, crashed into a Toyota Corolla and again drove away before striking Probst.


Both of those little shitstacks should get the execution they deserve. Run them over.

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