One Set of Legal Rules for Dems, Another Set for Everyone Else

With the Manafort (bank fraud) and Cohen (campaign finance violation) verdicts in, it’s time to ask once again why corrupt Dems have not been charged and tried for their crimes.

The unequal application of the law according to political party, is an ongoing phenomenon.

Just a few examples:

From Andrew McCarthy at National Review:

……Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was caught hiding the sources of 1,300 large campaign donations, aggregating to nearly $2 million. The campaign also accepted more than $1.3 million in unlawful donations from contributors who had already given the legal maximum.

Under federal law, such campaign-finance violations, if they aggregate to just $25,000 in a calendar year, may be treated as felonies punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment — with offenses involving smaller dollar amounts punishable by incarceration for a year or more. (See Section 30109(d) of Title 52, U.S. Code, pp. 51–52 of the Federal Election Commission’s compilation of campaign laws.)

……The Obama campaign did not have a defense; it argued in mitigation that the unlawful donations constituted a negligible fraction of the monumental amount it had raised from millions of “grass-roots” donors. Compelling? Maybe not, but enough to convince the Obama Justice Department not to prosecute the Obama campaign — shocking, I know. During the Christmas holiday season right after the 2012 campaign, with Obama safely reelected and nobody paying much attention, the matter was quietly settled with the payment of a $375,000 fine.

As he points out in the article: “what was not a crime in the Obama days is the crime of the century now”.

The Obama campaign also took in millions of dollars from foreigners and hid much of it.

$3.3 million was just the amount tied directly to the Obama campaign. Tens of millions more were linked to the Obama Machine’s shadow political groups during both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns – much of it coming from China and the Middle East.

How come the Dems and the liberal media never called for Obama’s impeachment over illegal campaign donations? But he “settled it” with fines, so no impeachment or jail time.

The crimes, corruption, and Constitutional violations  Obama perpetrated during his regime should have put him and his entire cabal in prison.

The Chinese bought Bubba Clinton’s 1996 re-election and he in turn, helped them with their ballistic missile program. That is treason. Of course, Bubba got away with a lot more than that.

Charlie Rangel got a slap on the wrist for not paying any taxes he owes on income from a vacation villa in the Dominican Republic.  When asked if an average American citizen would be punished more severely if the individual committed similar violations, he responded: “I don’t deal in average American citizens”.

Al Sharpton and Joy Ann Reid remain huge New York tax delinquents. Sharpton’s state and federal delinquencies are the stuff of legend.

An Obama-appointed judge just decided to give no jail time to Pakistani IT Staffer Imran Awan because he “suffered enough” Awan plead guilty to a false statement he made on a loan application. The same thing that now has Manafort facing 80 years in prison.

The Awans hacked into the  Dems’ congressional computer networks, and it was later discovered that they took money from a Hezbollah-connected Iraqi politician, and sent sensitive intelligence to the Muslim Brotherhood.

There’s also an investigation underway because of the possibility that Awan sold information to Russia.

Imran’s wife fled the country in March, he was arrested at the airport trying to follow her.

But it’s all ‘unfounded’ because the stories of his crime were published in the press.

This is why he got off:  U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding over the Imran Awan and Hina Alvi fraud case, was appointed to the federal bench by Obama after she kicked thousands in campaign donations to his presidential campaign when he was a U.S. Senator in Illinois, records confirm.


An ex-Navy sailor who was convicted for a security violation was rightfully pardoned by Trump, while Hillary Clinton, ran a corrupt ‘pay for play’ foundation and used illegal unsecured email servers, to transmit classified information. His DOJ and FBI colluded in a cover-up and obstruction of justice on her behalf.

Democrat Senator Bernie Sander’s wife lied on a bank loan application just like Paul Manafort, yet she walks free.

Andrew McCarthy sums it up pretty well. In politicized justice, desperate times call for disparate measures. The effort to cover Hillary and Obama’s asses during their 8-year crime spree took the cooperation of every one of Obama’s weaponized government agencies.

It’s doesn’t matter when the disparity occurs. We raised hell about Obama’s crimes and corruption the entire length of his WH occupation, and the Left’s standard response was the usual combination of denial, virulent rhetoric, and racial politics. When we refer to Obama’s malfeasance in retrospect, to point out the liberal hypocrisy toward President Trump, they repeat the same tactics they used during his regime.

Obama is a member of a protected class; the Dems will never prosecute one of their own and the Republicans don’t have the guts.



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