Open Letter to America: If You Don’t Like the Way Government is Being Run, Why Do You Keep Electing the Same Corruptocrats?

This country is in distress.


It took 58 years and over half a lifetime spent as a Soldier, but it’s finally happened. I have lost complete respect for and faith in the American people.

Consider this: Recent polls reflect the disillusionment of the American voter and the dim view they have of government and the direction of the country.  Another poll indicated that they’re not too thrilled with electing a socialist. Yet another poll reveals that Americans think Obama isn’t honest or trustworthy.

Ya fuckin’ think? I could have told them that back in 2008. Oh, wait…

If you don’t think the government is trustworthy, why would you move in the very direction of the politicians who caused it?  Why would you re-install Obama after the first disastrous term?

Twice, they installed a corrupt, incompetent, arrogant, narcissistic sociopath, who has outdone the likes Woodrow Wilson, Bubba Clinton, and Jimmy Carter.

That takes effort.

In 2010, race-baiting blowhard Al Sharpton declared that people who voted for Obama wanted socialism.

Anyone who studied Obama’s personality, philosophy, friends, associates, and background, would understand that he is a marxist, and not fit to lead the Democratic Republic. Evidently, they couldn’t get enough of the first four years of it.

You wanted “hope, change” and a chocolate Jesus to deliver the goods.

Unfortunately, neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney had what it took to take off the kid gloves and confront Obama on his corruption, scandal, and failures. That alone guaranteed Obama another term.

Americans, from what I’ve observed, aren’t too savvy or informed when it comes to presidential politics, or for that matter, the government itself.

As infuriating as it was to hear Jonathan Gruber describe American voters as “stupid”, how else can you explain the ability of the Obama regime to push some of the most depraved, obscene, destructive policies in our history?

Most Americans could not pass a simple civics quiz. And it’s not just the millennials. Either they’re too preoccupied or they simply don’t care.  If they did, they would march, en masse, right into the White House and Congress, and literally throw the rotten motherfuckers out on their ass.

The lunacy of far-left agenda has become the mainstream of the Democratic party and apparently, the mindset of the population.

Obama’s evisceration of the military and his purge of dedicated, experienced military leaders, has been quite extensive.  The warrior ethos has become the latest casualty in his campaign to destroy America from the inside out; to rid us of our exceptionalism.  His foreign policy disaster has our enemies laughing and our allies shaking their heads.

Millions of Americans lost the affordable healthcare they already had before ObamaCare forced them out of it and into a socialist Frankenstein fraught with sky-high premiums and incredible tax hikes. The 2010 Dem majority pushed through the oppressive, unconstitutional law. The SCOTUS ruled against the individual government mandate but upheld it as a tax.  The impact on the country has resulted in 18 new taxes and penalties and an additional $1.8 trillion over the next decade added to the national debt.

His amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and pandering to muslim terrorists has seriously damaged our sovereignty and national security.

Every fail Obama makes is blamed on others. Over the last 7 years, Barky has blamed the GOP, racism, bloggers, America’s founders, technology, George W. Bush, the intelligence community, and a video for his multiple fuck ups.  Recently, he blamed the entire country. Well, he’s got a point. If the majority of the voting public didn’t foist him into office not just once, but for a repeat performance, the assclown wouldn’t have been in a position to fail.

The RINOs aren’t any better.  Many of them give in to Obama’s sadistic power grabs, and those who object are punished by members of their own party. The Republican party is so afraid of ‘offending’ someone and taking the steps necessary to get this country back, it’s sickening.  Instead of backing Republicans who have strong values, they abandoned them and allowed their DemLeft opponents to win elections. Instead of doing what they were elected to do, they cower to the petty little tyrant in the White House and his tools in the Democratic Party.

When the people rise up to protest, they get slapped by their own representatives. The Tea Party was formed by a cross section of Americans fed up with the business as usual shit in D.C.  But instead of embracing the Tea Party’s constitutional values, the GOP vilifiesinsults, and denigrates the patriots for demanding that they fulfill the promises they made. We expect that kind of filth from LeftProg Dems; not from a party that claims to be on the side of the founding principles. The GOP owes the majority seats it gained in 2010 and 2014, to Tea Party influence.  Unfortunately, it escapes their selective memories.

The Republicans are out of touch with their constituents. They’ve forgotten why we elected them to a majority; we wanted them to stop B. Hussein and his socialist Frankenstein dead in their fucking tracks. We want a return to the principles outlined by the founders. We the People are more than just the opening words in the U.S. Constitution, it’s a reminder that they are sworn to serve the citizenry, not the other way around. They’re tasked with providing the nation’s security and maintaining individual and civil liberties. Instead, they sit on the sidelines, or in some cases, jump into the political sack with toxic DemProgs who have a visceral hatred of America and have made it their life’s work to subvert the fabric of the United States and the freedoms of its citizens.  They’ve become as morally bankrupt as the Democrats.

Cultural fascism has taken hold under the auspices of the perpetually outraged Left.  They think their rights trump everyone else’s.  Anyone who steps outside the box and disagrees is bombarded with death threats and hounded in social media.

Gay/gender identity politics, attacking small business owners for the personal choice of refusing to cater gay weddings, persecution of Christians and people who disagree with gay marriage, demonizing successful business, race victimology, the “climate change” hoax,  jackbooted intimidation against political rivals, the war on the ownership of private property, and using the Confederate battle flag as a scapegoat for leftwing revisionist history, is just some of the fallout from the leftwing insanity.

The cabal of liberal nutbags wants to replace the Bill of Rights with their totalitarian agenda, and by the looks of it, they’re succeeding.

The Constitution has been relegated to an afterthought. What was once a unique, one-of-a-kind fundamental doctrine of limited government, autonomy,  and We the People, has been trampled, shredded, ignored, and violated by the Obama regime and the Supreme Court.

Not even a strong Republican leader and a Republican-led Congress will make a difference.

The damage is done. The United States is decaying from the inside out. In another decade it will be a shell of its former self. It will completely collapse into socialist mush without the strength or the will to protect its own borders let alone its interests around the world.  It will no longer be a superpower. There’s no way to predict which country will fill the void, but if the Eurozone is any indication, it won’t be any of them either.

America, as the saying goes, is an idea.  It was based on the concept of individual and civil liberty. Your rights and liberties have been encroached, eroded, and stomped by an out-of-control big government.

The idea that was once America has given way to stale, bitter cynicism, and submission of the people to oppressive tyranny. Not only do you keep electing the same excrement, you no longer hold any of them accountable.

Half of the time your head is buried in your iPhone, and the rest of the time it’s up your ass.

You allow a relatively small group of shrill left-wing militant zealots to dictate public policy and private discretion.

That’s why I chose to post Old Glory upside down. That’s not a decision I take lightly.

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6 thoughts on “Open Letter to America: If You Don’t Like the Way Government is Being Run, Why Do You Keep Electing the Same Corruptocrats?”

  1. SARG…sweety you an’ I both kno’ we will never see the country we served again…
    I have been a member of D.R.I.P. since 1966, the year I became eligible to vote (21)…
    in case ya don’t kno’ watt D.R.I.P. is…
    you can change return to re-elect…sameo sameo…
    however ya cain’t defeet the scumsuckin’politicians that give away free shit that you an’ I hasta pay for…
    WE’S DOOM’D…
    WE’S FOOK’D…
    WE’S FUCK’D…
    vote early…hahahahahahahahahahaha…
    vote often…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…
    vote incumbent…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…
    but always ‘member…
    yer vote(s) are cancelled by that fuckin’ illeagle that just crossed our non-existent border jist 60 miles south of my fookin’ front porch…
    the ballot box is corrupt…has been for…ever???…
    who luvs ya sweety???…

  2. Jack Spratt

    This country, is indeed, in distress. Freedom, a love for Liberty, a respect for individual rights, the Constitution and the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence cannot be imposed. Our form of government has been an experiment in how best to create a social order that placed those values highest. All of that has to compete in a world with many competing voices. Some of those voices are total lies. But a people that cannot discern truth from fiction, that choose a free iphone over Liberty, are not a people who are capable of self-governance.
    From the moment our country was founded it was under attack from the power hungry rat bastards who have been a constant since time immemorial. They can be contained, they can be marginalized but can we ever get rid of them? I doubt it.
    Liberty and Freedom do not exist outside the hearts and minds of a people who hold those values dear. Those values and the values that underpin them have been under assault since our founding and that assault was ramped up by Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressives and has been mutating over the past 100+ years into something vile and ugly which has produced today’s Progressive Puke.
    I’ve been on mediamatters website arguing with dozens of them and here is what one had to say to me.

    “News flash, we “Progressive Pukes” believe in individual rights and liberty for all.”
    Hitler didn’t think he was evil. Neither did Mao or Stalin. At best they thought they did things because they were necessary. Every human being rationalizes their own behavior. How to cut through the fog and get people to see the consequences of their actions is a question no one can answer which leads me to think that we are dealing with historical processes that are more profound, more potent than we know. When insanity becomes the rule of the day something is going on that requires more understanding than just folks with some bad ideas. This whole move towards collectivism, towards authoritarianism seems deeper and broader than just a bunch of people with bad, wrong or stupid ideas.

    We don’t like to think that because it puts the process outside of our control and no one likes to think they are a victim of forces that are beyond their reach. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Consider the world in the early 30’s and what that decade was like. It must have seemed like Western Civilization was coming off the rails, at the very least. Consider the psychological impact of dealing with the reality of a WORLD WAR.
    I’m not trying to confuse the issue or deflect the seriousness of what is going on in our time but to give it some perspective. Consider the fact that many people have been very resistant to the insanity of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. Consider the number of people who have taken out concealed weapons permits and now carry. Two hopeful signs that the body politic isn’t completely dead. And perhaps an indication that ‘We the People’ should stop depending on elected politicians to take corrective measures and that ‘We the People’ need to take action, need to stand up to the pols themselves, need to be more active in seeing to it that the culture of Progressivism is countered at every level, at every turn. We need to make sure that every time a Progressive Left Winger opens his mouth to spew that pathological world view he is challenged and given no quarter. If, as you point out, ‘We the People’ will not assert out rights then we will lose them. As I say, “No government will long endure limitations to its power if the people are not willing to assert their rights.” That is a fact of nature.

    And here is another. ‘No government can stand without the will of the people supporting it.’

    Now, it may be, that with a government so large, so corrupt, so unwieldy as ours, must fail and fall before it can be corrected. If so, that will be an ugly process and a dangerous one. It will be a time when people who hold Freedom and Liberty as high values are most needed to prevent the rat bastards, the carpet baggers from taking over totally. I hope it never comes to that but I also hope that we find our way back to a love for Liberty that is stronger than our love for Safety and Comfort.

    1. Jack,
      That progressive puke who claims that they believe in individual rights and liberty for all, needs to explain why his political cabal has done everything they can to take it away.

      SFC MAC

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