Oregon Woman Doxed and Threatened by Antifa for Exposing Child Drag Performer Working with Accused Child Pornographer

This shit is sick on so many levels.

This is all part of the Left’s depraved sexualization and grooming of kids.

Pajamas Media

A Twitter user going by the name HoneyBadgerMom saw an ad for a child drag show at a local bar called Old Nick’s Pub near her home in Oregon and got concerned. She started researching the child who goes by the drag name “Vanellope Craving MacPherson DuPont.” HoneyBadgerMom, whose name is Chelly, started researching the drag shows that advertised Vanellope as a performer and found many troubling things, including the fact that one of the child’s “drag moms” was arrested for allegedly making and distributing child pornography.

Chelly started tweeting her findings about the possible child endangerment going on in Nick’s Pub.

Kelsey Boren, a biological female who does drag, was arrested for crimes against children and is currently in jail awaiting trial. Andy Ngo picked up Chelly’s report on Twitter and confirmed that Boren was photographed with the child, who had even taken on Boren’s drag name “Craving,” a common practice for “drag kids” being mentored by “drag moms.” Boren performed under the name “Alwaiz Craving.”



The arrest record:

…….As the threats started coming into her Twitter account, Chelly’s address was publicly posted on Twitter. Twitter Support has refused to remove the doxing even though it is against their terms of service.




Antifa makes threats and gets away with it. Just like the riots, assaults, and murders they commit.

Any parent who participates in or condones this kind of child abuse and exploitation should be jailed.



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