Over 200 FBI Agents Embedded Within Crowd on J6 – FBI Agents Behind Talk of Violence in Chat Groups

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Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) joined Chris Salcedo on Newsmax recently to discuss the government operation on January 6, 2021.

Rep. Higgins told Salcedo that “at least 200” FBI agents dressed as Trump supporters were in the crowd on January 6, 2021.
It was a government operation.

This is exactly what J6 political prisoner Jeffrey McKellop told The Gateway Pundit from his prison cell back in March 2023.

Jeffrey is a decorated former 3rd Special Forces Group soldier and US government contractor. Jeffrey McKellop is being held as a political prisoner after he served his country for 22 years. After his arrest in March 2021, Jeffrey delved into video footage and documented evidence from the January 6 protests. Jeffrey was able to identify numerous government informants and agitators in the massive Trump crowd that day. After putting together his evidence, he sent it to numerous contacts. That was when the FBI came into his prison cell and took his research. They then attempted to silence him and banned him from phone and mail privileges. We recently heard that Jeffrey was moved to a mental hospital. They really want him silenced.

Jeffrey McKellop, who is trained in crowd control and worked overseas for much of his career described Jan. 6 as a government operation. Jeffrey told TGP in March, “I know for a fact that there were undercover agents, man. I saw them. I spotted it. And when you find one, then you know what to look for, and then you find them. All undercover agents, they all wear the same thing. They all move the same way. They all get together the same way. Why do I know this? Because I used to do the same thing.”

……Rep. Clay Higgins: The FBI was not only involved in the actions on January 6 from within, they had, I suspect, over 200 agents embedded within the crowd, including agents or as they would call, human assets inside the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters before the doors were opened. Beyond that, the FBI had embedded themselves and infiltrated online chat groups and websites, and social media accounts across the country with any group that was discussing objections to COVID oppression. And the FBI effectively infiltrated those groups.

And when you track the text threads and the communications within those groups and find the origins of suggestions of potential violence or an active occupation of the Capitol on January 6, you’ll find that those messages were led by members of the groups that ended up to be the FBI agents that had infiltrated the group. So the FBI’s involvement was deep, not just on J6, but on the days and weeks and months prior.


The FBI framed the 6 January MAGA protesters by inserting undercover agents and informants in the crowd to encourage violence. It backfired, but that’s not stopping the Feds from persecuting people who simply wandered the hallways, stood outside the building, and peacefully protested.

Whatever happened with the mysterious ‘pipe bomber‘? Why aren’t Tim GionetLuke Phillip Robinson and Ray Epps in solitary confinement with the rest of the political prisoners in their gulag?

The Jan 6 political prisoners are being held in Biden’s gulag without due process.

These people have not been convicted of any crimes, they are being held in “pretrial detention” for trespassing the capitol halls of corruption. Their trials have not been set. They have been denied bail. They are not allowed to meet with lawyers in private. They have one hour a day for “exercise”, showers, and phone calls.

They have been beaten and isolated by the guards.  Lawyers for one, a man called Ryan Samsel, say he was beaten so badly he has a skull fracture and is now blind in one eye.

One of them died awaiting trial. 

Burn Loot Murder lasted 7 months with 23 people s­hot dead, 700 police officers injured, and over 150 federal buildings damaged. Antifa’s rampage has resulted in damage comparable to Hurricane Sally. Combined casualties from both groups of thugs numbered 926 as of July 2020.  Anarchists took over blocks of city neighborhoods in Seattle and Portland.  They’re still at it.  The Feds refuse to prosecute.

The fucking twats at the DOJ thinks they were just “exercising their basic civil rights”.

The threat to the fabric of our democracy is jackbooted weaponized government goons who target innocent American citizens.

Speak out against the corrupt D.C. swamp and get surveilled, hacked, harassed, and arrested.  The bill of rights has been revoked by the authoritarian thugs in the DOJ and the Dems are complicit.

The Dems have created a system of bullying and persecution of political opponents. This shit usually happens in Communist countries and Banana Republics. It’s happening in America.

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