Owners of Website Linked to Sex Crimes Were Big Donors to Dems

This is good material for the #MeToo crowd.

Via The Daily Wire

On Friday, the U.S. government seized Backpage.com as part of a law enforcement action by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies after the site came under intense legal scrutiny for allegations of facilitating sex trafficking and underage prostitution.

An FBI official said that there was “law enforcement activity” at the Arizona home of Michael Lacey, one of the website’s founders, Reuters reported. The seizure banner on the website stated:

The website was the target of law enforcement scrutiny over allegations that “it facilitated sex trafficking and prostitution through its adult section, a controversy that took years to unwind and culminated in the arrest of the company’s CEO and eventual removal of the adult section,” The Verge reports.

The owners of the website have given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats in recent years, including a Super PAC backed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the failed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate for governor in Arizona David Garcia, and the Arizona Democratic Party.

Ayshia Connors, the Director of Communications and External Affairs for the Arizona GOP, called on the Arizona Democratic Party and Arizona Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema to return the money they received from the owners of the website.

If this shit involved members of the Republican Party…you know the rest.

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