Hillary’s Ongoing Campaign Scandals

The trail of illegal campaign donations and cover-ups just keeps growing. Chinese/Indonesian agents John Huang, Charlie Trie, and James Riady, helped purchase Bubba’s 1996 election and it looks like the Hildabeast is picking up where he left off. First, there’s wealthy Chinese waiters: Link: http://www.nypost.com/seven/10202007/news/nationalnews/hills_cash_eyed_as_chinese_lau.htm Then Norman Hsu: Link: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brent-baker/2007/08/31/abc-cbs-catch-fugitive-clinton-democratic-donor-norman-hsu Favors for pardons: Three recipients …

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Putin to West: ‘It’s your fault for my Soviet nostalgia’

MOSCOW — President Vladimir Putin harshly assailed his opponents and accused the West of meddling in Russian politics, telling a parliamentary campaign rally Wednesday that opponents at home and abroad want to weaken the country.Putin’s strongly worded attack on his critics came as he seeks to secure a high turnout and strong support for the …

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Associated Press Terrorist Employee Finally Charged

After over a year and a half of incarceration, this puke is finally charged with aiding and abetting terrorists: WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US military has filed a formal complaint with an Iraqi criminal court accusing a detained, award-winning Associated Press photographer of being a “terrorist media operative,” the Pentagon said Monday. Geoff Morrell, the …

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Good Riddance, Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer, one of the most bellicose, nihilistic, anti-American writers finally died on 10 November 2007. Among the 84 year old’s “legacies”: He helped free a murdering psychopath (Jack Abbott) from prison, who promptly stabbed a restaurant waiter in the throat. In war, whether against communism or Islamofascism, America could do no right. We were …

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FBI, CIA Now Taking Terrorist Applicants….

Fucking incredible: November 18, 2007 — FBI fraudster Nada Nadim Prouty not only used a sham marriage to get jobs with access to secret terrorist intelligence – her current husband is a State Department employee who has held sensitive posts in Middle Eastern embassies, The Post has learned. Her third hubby, Gordon Prouty, 40, now …

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