Gore’s Hot Air

When it comes to practicing double standards, no group of individuals performs better than the legion of paranoid doomsday theorists, who find cataclysm behind every door, or in this case, Fahrenheit.  This time around, their leader is Al Gore, who keeps getting ridiculous extensions on his 15 minutes. “Weatherman” Al’s Godzilla-sized carbon footprint, by the …

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Paying for “Prestige” (Updated with a Footnote)

Rosa Brooks, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times wrote the following opinion piece entitled:  “To the rest of the world, we’re cheapskates” (Guess who the “cheapskates” are) …I want to talk about the federal international affairs budget. (We columnists are a sneaky lot.) Let me tell you why you should care about the international …

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The Media at War

The media has always been used as a forum for every viewpoint on the political spectrum, but a new trend is taking place. Over the last 40 years, the American media has gradually synchronized with the leftist party line, which is part and parcel of modern journalism; any view to the contrary would portray them …

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