Paging Merrick Garland: Radical Anti-Gun Activists Are Storming the Tennessee Capitol Building

An insurrection is currently underway at the Tennessee state Capitol building.

Just the News:

Tennessee State Troopers were forced to intervene during a demonstration by proponents of gun control outside of the Tennessee State Capitol on Thursday.

More than one thousand protesters, most of whom appeared to be young people, gathered outside the building and attempted to enter it during a session of the legislature, the Tennessee Star reported.

Video footage shows demonstrators attempting to enter the building while officers keep them out. In one instance, officers secure one individual and escort him away.

Democratic state Reps. Justin Jones, Justin Pierson, and Gloria Johnson all reportedly encouraged the episode, according to the Star. The trio of lawmakers reportedly stormed the well of the chamber and Jones began encouraging the protesters with a bullhorn.

The House then recessed and reconvened at a later time.

The demonstration comes in the immediate aftermath of a Nashville, Tenn., mass shooting in which a transgender individual killed three students and three faculty members at a Christian school that authorities say she once attended.


Based on the Feds’ criteria of insurrection and violence, this certainly requires arrest and imprisonment in Biden’s gulag.

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