“Pandemic” Hysteria Brings Out the Stupid (UPDATED)

COVIDIOT [ kohv id-ee-uht]


1. Irrational, hysterical neurotic who thinks everyone is going to die from a common virus.

2. Hoards toilet paper.

3. Freaks out when someone tells them to use common sense and get a grip.

Some morons on the island town of Vinalhaven Maine, cut down a tree and blocked a family’s access road because they thought they had the virus.

CBS was busted for using footage of the “worst hit” hospital in Italy while describing the situation in New York.


Oh, good lord…..

Hysteria has a way of emphasizing phobia.

And providing a megaphone for unhinged moonbats.

Wheeler fosters this shit. He’s the same mayor who shunned responsibility over the antifa rampage in Portland.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Take advantage of mass panic by making hideous demands and regurgitating leftwing fascist dogma. And accusing everyone of “racism” for mentioning that the virus originated in China.

The racism narrative kicked in because President Trump called it a “foreign virus” in his address from the Oval Office.

They blamed President Trump for the entire thing, excluding the Chinese, who tried to cover up the fact that it originated in their own cesspool.

NYC Mayor de Blasio is releasing inmates from the city jail. They can pick up where they left off.

The idiots in California are calling cops on neighbors if they hear coughing. They call the cops on coughing neighbors but won’t do anything about the illegals and their foreign diseases, or the homeless derelicts who shit and piss all over sidewalks. Got it.

Twitter is banning anything they deem as the ‘wrong corona virus joke‘.

Resident MSNBC assclown Chris Hayes, tweeted a dire prediction that the virus could kill 50% of the population:

MSNBC has taken down a tweet that falsely claimed the coronavirus had the potential to kill 50 percent of the U.S. population.

The tweet, which was posted early Tuesday and widely shared, was described as “erroneous” by the far-left network and quickly removed.

“There is no option to just let everyone go back out and go back to normal if a pandemic rages across the country and kills 50% of the population,” the deleted tweet from MSNBC’s verified Twitter account read.

The quote, attributed to host Chris Hayes, was from his Monday show, but whoever created the post had misquoted him.

The network issued a retraction tweet and shared a photo of the original tweet, along with a correction.

In other words, the proclamation was too much even for the unhinged leftie shitbirds at MSNBC.

After the politicians have finished destroying the economy with their forced closings of restaurants, bars, highway rest areas, and public and government services, and making some of the worst policy decisions on record, they’re going to have to deal with a depression far worse than any ‘pandemic’.

From Fox Business:

Financial markets paused their slide Thursday, but no one should think this rolling economic calamity is over. If this government-ordered shutdown continues for much more than another week or two, the human cost of job losses and bankruptcies will exceed what most Americans imagine. This won’t be popular to read in some quarters, but federal and state officials need to start adjusting their anti-virus strategy now to avoid an economic recession that will dwarf the harm from 2008-2009.

The vast social-distancing project of the last 10 days or so has been necessary and has done much good. Warnings about large gatherings of more than 10 people and limiting access to nursing homes will save lives. The public has received a crucial education in hygiene and disease prevention, and even young people may get the message. With any luck, this behavior change will reduce the coronavirus spread enough that our hospitals won’t be overwhelmed with patients. Anthony Fauci, Scott Gottlieb and other disease experts are buying crucial time for government and private industry to marshal resources against the virus.

Yet the costs of this national shutdown are growing by the hour, and we don’t mean federal spending. We mean a tsunami of economic destruction that will cause tens of millions to lose their jobs as commerce and production simply cease. Many large companies can withstand a few weeks without revenue but that isn’t true of millions of small and mid-sized firms.

Even cash-rich businesses operate on a thin margin and can bleed through reserves in a month. First they will lay off employees and then out of necessity they will shut down. Another month like this week and the layoffs will be measured in millions of people.


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