Parker, Matthews Team up to Insult Sarah Palin

Congratulations, Kathleen. You’re officially an assclown.
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On Wednesday’s Hardball, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews hosted a discussion with Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker and Salon’s Joan Walsh as the trio discussed Parker’s latest column, “A Tip for the GOP: Look Away,” — which Matthews built up by effusing, “I`ve never seen a stronger column in the newspapers” — in which she argues that the Republican party is hurt by being centered in the South with its history of racial politics. Matthews, who would later theorize that Sarah Palin will exploit white racism by visiting “cul de sacs of whitedom,” set up the segment by reading a line from Parker’s column which compares Palin to a white character in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird who falsely accuses a black man of raping her, leading to his conviction by a racist jury.
A portion of the transcript:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: We`re back. Time for the politics fix with syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker and`s editor-in-chief, Joan Walsh. I`m not sure you two are going to argue much, but let me tell you, I`ve never seen a stronger column in the newspapers than what I read this morning when I got up. And the reason I`m so glad Kathleen is joining us, Joan, is that she wrote this column basically backing up Senator George Voinovich of Ohio, saying the Republican party, which has done pretty well over the last half century, has been basically getting destroyed by the right wingers in the South.

And we`ve talked a lot about the obsession with this birth movement down in, birther thing down in the South and all the rest of the ethnic potential here. Here`s a quote that really grabbed me: “That same rage was on display again in the fall of 2008, but this time the frenzy was stimulated by a pretty gal with a mocking little wink. Sarah Palin may not have realized what she was doing. But southerners, weaned on Harper Lee, heard the dog whistle.” Kathleen, “heard the dog whistle.” Is Sarah Palin a poster girl for racism? Yes or no?


MATTHEWS: Not consciously?

PARKER: Not consciously. I don`t think — I certainly don`t think she, Sarah Palin, knows anything about Harper Lee or this deep history in the South, where you don`t position a white woman and a black male and pretend like there`s nothing happening there. There`s a deep, deep history. That`s why I mentioned, dropped the Harper Lee in there. You want to talk about the Southern Strategy?

MATTHEWS: Well, it’s like To Kill a Mockingbird. I just saw it again, one of the great movies ever, where the white woman claimed that she’d been, you know, molested by this totally innocent black guy.

PARKER: Right.

MATTHEWS: And she was believed for no reason, except she said so.

PARKER: Right. Look — and please let me be really, really clear. I`m not saying Sarah Palin did that. I`m just saying that there`s this subliminal level, subliminal level of communication that goes on. The Southern Strategy has always been — well, since they stopped using the N-word and being explicit about what they`re trying to do with race and, you know, creating this “us versus them” dynamic, it became increasingly vague through the years. You started talking about states rights at a certain point. Then you started talking about, you know, these wedge issues like gay marriage and on and on. But ultimately, it`s always about an “us and them” dynamic.

……PARKER: And Sarah Palin`s really very good at that. And she is, you know, when she plays her populist role, there`s no one better at it.

MATTHEWS: Is she connecting the dots, Joan, among Henry Louis Gates, the birther movement, the Sotomayor testimony and confirmation questioning, so tribalistic? There`s no doubt about it. All that stuff has become very tribalistic, something we thought we`d begun to crack in this country. Is Sarah the dog whistle that says, yeah, that`s what it`s about?

……PARKER: One word, Chris, one word: Confederacy. I mean, you know, the South is very, I live there, okay? I want to make that clear, too, because I`m not bashing southerners. I love the South and I am a southerner. But-

MATTHEWS: But 40 percent of those states like yours are black.

PARKER: It’s part of the history.

MATTHEWS: So it`s the 60 percent that are white.

PARKER: It`s part of the culture to be secessionist.

MATTHEWS: Like Rick Perry effectively is?

PARKER: To always view the federal government as the enemy. And it`s very, yeah, yes, I can`t, I can`t-

MATTHEWS: How about Palin? Let`s talk about Palin. Palin has attacked New York, Washington and Los Angeles. She goes after the government, after the media, after Hollywood.


MATTHEWS: Anything that`s on the coast is evil to her. She`s an Alaskan who, I bet you any money, is going to spend most of her time down in the middle parts of the country, the rural white parts. She`s going to find those cul de sacs of whitedom, and exploit the hell out of them, right?

Nothing like the projection of hatred with a convoluted connection between the South, the GOP, and “racism”. What Parker and Matthews fail to mention is that the origins of the KKK were part and parcel to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

A “cul de sac of whitedom”? I bet Crissy “tingle up his leg” Matthews doesn’t have a Black or Hispanic neighbor within 100 miles.

Liberal boors like Matthews use race-baiting as a requisite form of conversation.  He’s also got an abnormal fixation for Sarah Palin.

Congratulations, Matthews. You’re one of the reasons MSNBC’s ratings are in the toilet.

The Scoreboard: Wednesday, August 5
Total day: FNC: 326 | CNN: 208 | MSNBC: 108 |  HLN: 111
Prime:        FNC: 710 | CNN: 277 |  MSNBC: 273 | HLN: 180

The craptastic absurdity of the Left is astounding. They are seriously unhinged.

People like Sarah Palin scare the shit out of liberals because she represents the bulk of Middle America; patriotic folks who know a bunch of nihilist effetes when we see them.

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