Parody ‘Feminist’ Twitter Page Gets Thumbs Up From Twitter

I’ve learned to carefully read the profile and the tone of the Tweets to get an idea of whether or not the author is serious.



Angry conservatives responded without considering if it’s genuine or mockery.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, and for the sake of parody, that’s the point.

The following is comedy gold.



Trust me, Twitter isn’t smart enough to realize it’s parody. They actually agree with the content. If it were conservative snark poking fun at liberal whites and radical blacks, it would have been disappeared.

Another Twitter page that gets liberals’ panties in a wad is the fake Sean Spicer account (Sean Spicier).  Leftie knee jerks don’t bother to notice the alteration of the name and totally miss the humor. He’s constantly toying with their intellectual bankruptcy.

Check out both pages. They’re classic. You won’t be disappointed.

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