Patriotism, Dissent, and the Democrats

For eight years during the George W. Bush administration, there was no shortage of anti-war, anti-military, pro-Islamic terrorist demonstrations from A.N.S.W.E.R., Code Pink, and a plethora of other moonbat groups.  ‘Dissent’ they insisted, ‘is patriotic’.  The mainstream media joined in with and sometimes directed the chorus. (Related Post:

The difference between then and now? To paraphrase Bubba Clinton’s perjured testimony, it depends on what the Left’s meaning of “is, is”.

Protesting against a President who had the guts to pick up the gauntlet thrown by muslim jihadists and shove it up their ass, was considered chic. Hoisting signs that declared “We support the troops when they shoot their officers” was all the rage. Praising the Islamic enemy responsible for countless atrocities including 9/11, was “speaking truth to power”.

Contrast that with the animosity being leveled at Americans who support the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Tea Party supporters protest Obama’s malicious socialist agenda, and for that, we are marginalized by a hostile leftwing media prompted by White House myrmidons.

We vehemently object to the government bailing out and taking over businesses, and flushing ‘stimulus’ money down a toilet of payoffs, special interests, and phantom congressional districts.  In order to do all that, they looted the treasury.

We speak out against the Dems’ attempt at absorbing control of our health care, and in return, we are called  “white supremacists”, “racist”, “evil”, “hate-mongers” and unbelievably, “terrorists“.

That last one is incredibly stupid, given the fact that Obama hopped in the political sack with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers, a long time ago.   Considering their chickenshit approach to “man-caused disasters” and reluctance to decisively finish the mission of kicking Islamofascist ass,  they wouldn’t know a real terrorist if  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab planted a bomb in their crotch.

SEIU thugs assault citizens attending Town hall meetings, verbally and physically.  Surly Democratic politicians eschew their constituents and fling epithets while running from the cameras to the safety of their offices.

The Democratic Speaker of the House and her sidekick Steny Hoyer, wrote an OpEd piece in USA Today last year accusing dissenters of “drowning out their (Dem politicians) voices’ and that is ‘simply un-American’.

Notice how the “un-American” tag is given to patriots who protest the Dems’  frequent violations of the Constitution and their jack-booted attempts at ram-rodding socialist health care legislation through the Senate.

The revolution to get our country back to its Constitutional roots has started with the ‘sudden retirement’ of Dems like Conn. Sen. Christopher Dodd, the decisions by North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter not to run for re-election, and Sen. Laura Kelly’s withdrawal from the Kansas senate race. It’s called the Tea Party effect; the realization by certain Dem politicians that it’s better to retire, pull out, or not run, to avoid the embarrassment of a rout. The election of Republican Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts is an exclamation point.

Harry Reid has already lost his upcoming bid for re-election in Nevada, but his pompous ego trumps better judgement; which will make his landslide defeat that much more satisfying.

In my 52 years, I have never witnessed a more shrill, venomous, arrogant, thuggish group of politicians.

Come this November, send them packing.

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  1. butt neckid

    there are many slogans that come to mind when I’m told by

    a scumsuckin’politician that I’m not being an AMERICAN…..




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