PC “Cancel Culture” Strikes Again: Washington Redskins Will Change Name, Logo

That logo was designed by Walter “Blackie” Wetzel, chairman of the Blackfeet Nation and president of the National Congress of American Indians who had the idea to put the head of a Native American chief on the Redskins helmets in 1971. The “cancel culture” is a bunch of morons.


Just wait until the perpetually outraged SJWs demand that the White Socks, Red Socks, Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Buffalo Bills, change their names because “racist” or scary.

Side note: The Washington Wizards used to be the Washington Bullets. The name was changed because activists didn’t like the connotation of violence.  It hasn’t changed a goddamned thing, has it?

1 thought on “PC “Cancel Culture” Strikes Again: Washington Redskins Will Change Name, Logo”

  1. Meh. The NFL died for me when Kaepertwat took a knee. The only game more boring than soccer is whistleball. Ice hockey is indecipherable. Road racing (ala SCCA) is much more interesting than “go fast, turn left.”

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