Pelosi Appoints BLM Thug to House Judiciary Committee

A BLM thug in the Dem party. Color me shocked.

Fox News

Rep.-elect Cori Bush, the first Black Lives Matter activist to serve in Congress, has landed a high-profile job on the powerful House Judiciary Committee.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it official on Friday when unveiling the incoming freshman class committee nominations.

……Bush had the backing of the progressive insurgent group Justice Democrats. She was also featured in the Netflix documentary “Knock Down the House” along with Ocasio-Cortez to highlight their grassroots campaigns to defeat powerful incumbents.

Bush said she’ll bring the power of her “lived experience” to the Judiciary Committee.

“Lived experience”. They riot, murder, vandalize, loot, and destroy entire neighborhoods.  Their existence is rooted in militant rampage. The Dems foster and support this BLM violence. Now they’re in government.


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