Pelosi Pushes for MORE Spending in Spite of $14 Trillion Debt

It’s not enough they created an economic train wreck.  They want to waste even more taxpayer money.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other Democrats pressed for further federal spending in infrastructure and education programs at an event modeled after a Congressional hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Invited guests included officials from state and local government, as well as representatives from trade associations and labor unions.

Unions….there’s your first clue.

Though Pelosi presided over the proceedings and called witnesses, the event was not technically a hearing since only the majority has the ability to order such events.

Democrats used their function, held while the House was officially in recess, to defend stimulus spending during the previous Congress as essential to preventing a depression. They said an anemic recovery was cause for a continued investment in education, infrastructure, and research programs. “We have to talk about balancing the budget with growth not just with cuts,” Pelosi charged, “There should be no higher priority for this Congress than creating jobs now.”

One panelist said allocating dollars to fix roads and improve ports should be a non-partisan issue. “There is no Democratic or Republican way to fill a pothole,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D) asserted.

The so-called “growth” was bigger, intrusive government.  They had over $787 billion in “stimulus” that went to unions, phantom districts, and wasteful pork.  They could have filled a lot of potholes, helped create more jobs with tax incentives for businesses, and reigned in spending to lower the debt.  Instead, they paid billions in political favors to their pals in the AFL-CIO and the SEIU.

Democrats are absolutely braindead when it comes to fiscal responsibilty. The Republicans, especially those who engage in pork acquisition themselves, had better heed what the voters demanded in the mid term elections.

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