Pelosi Vacays in Hawaii as Family Grieves Over Fallen Officer Killed by Illegal Alien

Via Gateway Pundit

Blood on her hands.

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi is hanging out at a posh Hawaiian resort and spa this week during the government shutdown.
She ditched DC without a counter offer to President Trump.

……Meanwhile in California —

Officer Ronil Singh’s grieving brother, Reggie, thanks police for their work.
Officer Singh, a legal immigrant, was gunned down by a dangerous illegal immigrant and gang banger.

Illegal alien Gustavo Perez Arriaga was arrested near Bakersfield, California on Friday about 280 miles southeast of Newman, California. He gunned down legal immigrant officer Cpl. Ronil Singh on Christmas.

Again… What’s wrong with this picture?


1 thought on “Pelosi Vacays in Hawaii as Family Grieves Over Fallen Officer Killed by Illegal Alien”

  1. The only time Pelosi, Shumer, Hillary, etc pretend to give a damn about anyone but themselves is when a camera is nearby or a vote is in the wings. These elitist assholes consider the common people of America as beneath them. It baffles me how complete idiots, dumber than a stick, can consider themselves above the masses. Only by associating with other self aggrandizing pissants can these morally bankrupt piles of excrement convince themselves of possessing superior intellect. The majority of informed people in the world recognize them as the laughably stupid clowns they really are. What a collection of jokes. Those that support them should have a labotomy, it would increase their value as crash test dummies.

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