Pelosi’s Grand Plan for the Oil Crisis: Drill, then Penalize the Oil Companies

Just fucking brilliant, ‘Blinky’.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated Monday that, if oil companies want to drill offshore, they should not bank on California’s coast and they’d better expect to pay more for the taxpayer-owned crude they do get.

“You want to talk about drilling offshore? Let’s talk about profits made by the oil companies without paying royalties,” Pelosi said Monday morning before members of the California delegation to the Democratic National Convention. “They’re taking your oil without paying any royalties.”

Pelosi and other Democratic House leaders are to announce their “comprehensive strategy for American energy independence” at a news conference later Monday in Denver.

But not in her back yard.

….To rousing applause, Pelosi told the roomful of Californians on Monday, “If folks say we need to drill offshore, don’t come around California.”


See? To the Democrats, it’s not about energy independence or reducing the price of gas. It’s all about putting more money into the government’s pockets, the cost of which, will be passed along to the consumerat the pump.

Any other bright ideas, Blinky?

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