Peter Fonda Spews Bigoted, Misogynist Filth Against Republicans Over Illegal Aliens

H/T Breitbart

Apparently, he has problems with enforcing immigration laws.

Fonda also called on a mob of 90 million to surround schools attended by the children of ICE agents in order to “scare the shit out of them and worry the fuck out of the agents” and to “make their children worry.”

“Wanna stop this fucking monster,” Fonda wrote in another tweet, referring to President Trump, “90 million people in the streets on the same weekend! These Republican assholes are all in on it! The chief asshole is happy we are all very upset. we have to get even more angry with these Republicans.”

Fonda added that this massive protest would need to be made to look spontaneous, not like something that had been organized by elitists like himself.

“This must be like a spontaneous event without seeming to be organized by me and we have to make this happen NOW,” the 78-year-old wrote.

This is what happens when your syphilis goes untreated.

He deleted that one after the Secret Service was contacted.

What a ladies man:


He has lots of support from other leftwingnuts who have the same bat-shit crazy obsession.

The Occupy thugs gave their two cents:


Remember, these are the same dickbags who lecture us about “morality”.

Donald Trump Jr. responds:


FYI: This is Fonda’s address:

360 Bellino Dr, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Tell all the illegals it’s the new sanctuary location.


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