Petraeus Resigns as CIA Chief (UPDATED)

It was supposedly triggered over an extramarital affair, but I’m betting it was more over Obama’s Benghazi failure.

From Fox News.

CIA Director David Petraeus resigned Friday after admitting to an extramarital affair — an affair with his biographer that was revealed over the course of an FBI investigation, Fox News has learned.

The FBI had been investigating an unrelated and much broader case before stumbling on the affair. Fox News has learned that during the course of this investigation, the name of biographer Paula Broadwell came up. The FBI followed that lead and in doing so, uncovered his affair with her. The FBI for some time was concerned that perhaps Petraeus was some sort of victim, but there has been no evidence discovered to back up such concerns.

Broadwell co-wrote Petraeus’ biography, “All In.”

……The move comes amid the unfolding controversy surrounding the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Scrutiny has fallen on a range of agencies including the CIA, and the director had been set to testify at hearings next week — he is no longer expected to do so. But Petraeus, in his resignation message, cited strictly “personal reasons” surrounding the affair.

The timing of this is very suspect.

You can’t make this shit up. The FBI has been investigating the CIA chief for months and only divulged the affair after the election. 

From the WaPo.

The collapse of the impressive career of CIA director David H. Petraeus was triggered when a woman with whom he was having an affair sent threatening e-mails to another woman close to him, according to three senior law enforcement officials with know­ledge of the episode.

The recipient of the e-mails was so frightened that she went to the FBI for protection and help tracking down the sender, according to the officials. The FBI investigation traced the threats to Paula Broadwell, former military officer and a Petraeus biographer, and uncovered explicit e-mails between Broadwell and Petraeus, the officials said.

The woman who received the e-mails was Jill Kelley in Tampa, Fla., according to law enforcement officials. The nature of her relationship with Petraeus is unknown.

When Petraeus’s name surfaced, FBI investigators were concerned that the CIA director’s personal e-mail account had been hacked and that national security had been threatened. The officials said further investigation, including FBI interviews with Broadwell and Petraeus, led to the discovery that the two were engaged in an affair.

The law enforcement officials said the e-mails indicated that Broadwell perceived the other woman as a threat to her relationship with Petraeus.

There’s a lot of things that waited until after the election to get reported.  The White House certainly knew about the Petraeus investigation.

Broadwell bragged about her access.

She and Petraeus routed their emails  through different servers and used public computers that don’t keep activity logs.

Apparently, even the director of the CIA couldn’t keep all this a secret.


The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said that the timeline of the FBI’s investigation into the Petraeus emails in relation to campaign season “doesn’t add up.”

“First of all, I’m wondering — excuse me, how a — something about emails went to the level of the FBI, how the FBI could have been investigating it this long, and yet, you know, General Petraeus was involved — or Director Petraeus was involved,” Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said this morning on CNN’s State of the Union.

“To me, if it was the FBI the director had the obligation to tell the president or the National Security Council at the earliest state. So it seems this has been going on for several months and, yet, now it appears that they’re saying that the FBI didn’t realize until Election Day that General Petraeus was involved,” King continued. “It just doesn’t add up, that you have this type of investigation. The FBI investigating emails, the emails leading to the CIA director, and it taking four months to find out that the CIA director was involved.”

“I think the FBI has to come forward and tell exactly when they began the investigation, why it reached that level, when they first realized that General Petraeus might be involved, and at the time they did realize he was involved, did they go to the White House, did they go to the National Security Council? Because obviously this was a matter involving a potential compromise of security, and the president should have been told about it at the earliest state. That’s really all I’m saying. How the FBI got involved? How long it was going on? Did they get a court order? Was it a federal court order for this email surveillance? You know, what was contained in that order? When did they realize that it possibly involved the CIA director?”

Go figure.

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  1. He can still be called, by Congress, to testify. If they are that stupid to not call him, oh well.

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