9 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Obama Can See Russia From the White House”

  1. The younger people continue to have their heads filled with pinko trash in college, which is now, junior high school, as relatively very few have abilities of reading or basic math. When I was beginning the fifth grade of elementary school, my reading level was first year college. Younger people today, are not being prepared for the real world, and college has turned into a hideout from reality. Look at Obama. I rest my case.
    I enlisted in the USMC in my senior year of high school, and 48 hours after graduating, my tail was in Parris Island. Today, I see people in their late 30s having zero commitment to anything and behaving as infantile children. They were never prepared for life. Their heads are landfills for trash dumped into it by Communist college teachers.
    When I start talking politics locally, most are, lost. They either leave, or comment how I am a mean bastard, or how splendid.., Obama is. Where I live, has always been families of veterans. Today, I don’t recognize the place, or the people. They talk without knowing what they are blurting out. My wife a FemiNazi Democrat, has the same exact issues. Luckily, Old Granny is a good cook 😉 , and I have gone tone deaf.

  2. GUNNY…
    GYG =
    get your gun???…
    gag your granny???…
    grab your gear???…
    some folks don’t speeky jarheadleatherneckdevildog…
    an’ if’n you are in fact a GUNNY…Thank you for your service…
    USN ret sends…

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    Problem is, Obama knows that he is in deep trouble with this matter as Russia is nothing to fool with, nor have a fool tinkering with serious affairs that could become supercharged in a matter of moments. It means that, America has a most serious situation on its hands due to Obama believing his own shining assessments of himself, and somewhere along the line, training, funding, and arming, political troublemakers that inflamed Ukraine and caused Russia to step in, as they have numerous interests in Ukraine and Crimea. Obama is out of his league and that is why he runs away on many vacations to buy time for staff to think of ways out. Obama can run – but he cannot hide. Three more years to survive and sustain of his horrific stewardship which is an ideological failure and America is further ruined.

    1. Brittius,

      Minorities and leftwing effete snobs (both media and politician) foisted this SCOAMF into office, twice. They voted skin color over substance, and now we’re suffering the consequences. He’s not fit to lead a Democratic Republic. I held my nose and voted for McCain and Romney, knowing that the odds were against them. Neither had the guts to consistently confront Obama on his failures, Constitutional violations, power grabs, and his crimes. This country is fucked because average Americans, young people, in particular, have a shit factory for a brain. They can’t even answer basic questions on a civics test or articulate coherent reasons why they vote for a specific candidate or where they stand on the issues. I’m willing to bet that if you walked down your street and asked someone, at random, who Vladimir Putin is, what he’s doing in Ukraine, and why we should be concerned, you’d get a deer in the headlights look in response.
      I am disgusted, angry, and afraid for my country on so many levels.

      SFC MAC

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