Police in India Use Metal Tool to Grab Social Distancing Dissidents

The ‘social distancing’ nazis are having orgasms.

Via Summit News

A video out of India shows police officers using a bizarre metal contraption to grab dissidents who violate coronavirus social distancing rules.

“Hands up!” barks a police officer at a man during a demonstration of the tool, which looks like a kind of cattle prod but presumably isn’t electrified (yet).

The dissenter is then entrapped by the mechanism, which closes around his body like some kind of venus fly trap for humans.


It could also be described as a sort of handcuff for the entire body.

The officer then uses the tool to push the man towards the back of a van.

“Thanks to this over-sized pick-up reacher, the police can now arrest Covid dissidents without risking infection,” writes Toby Young.


Abject stupidity and paranoia result in this kind of authoritarian behavior.  It’s a prime opportunity to flex power and control the population.

This isn’t over. The world’s regimes will remember these tactics for future reference.

The question is, will citizens forget?



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3 thoughts on “Police in India Use Metal Tool to Grab Social Distancing Dissidents”

  1. The words’ ‘abject stupidity and paranoia’, including ‘authoritarian behaviour’to describe the task at hand of the police in India are very harsh and for those who have suffered the most by way of having infections and also suffering hugely by stone pelters etc.and that for the good of the the people who threw stones at them.In one of the states one Police Officer’s hand was chopped off. What action the police of other country done in similar situation? In India, we have less number of infections due to enforcement of lockdown norms. What about other countries? I need not say anything. You can check on thatt. Therefore, beforeepointing finger at others just introspect what is right and what is inappropriate. Our COVID-19 heroes doctors, para-medics and police have done laudable job UNDER DIFFICULT SITUATION.

    1. Harbans,

      English isn’t your primary language, but I think I can interpret and respond to your bullshit.
      You Indians may not appreciate the same freedoms as Americans, so I will clarify them for you.
      When this whole panic started, COVIDIOTS predicted a fatality rate of over 2 million. In that case, we should be stepping over piles of dead bodies in the streets. That won’t happen.
      The reaction to this COVID virus is overblown and hysterical beyond reason. The inflated numbers and incessant ‘reporting’ is like a 24/7 infomercial for hypochondriacs, germophobes, and sheeple who believe every doomsday prediction coming out of MSNBC. Most people who contract the virus survive. That fact is ignored by the media, which prefers to keep you riveted to the propaganda.
      People who are afraid to come out of their homes and dress in full-body condoms if they do are batshit hysterical. Sheeple who don’t mind sacrificing their rights in deference to the State, are braindead.
      The coronavirus will come and go. But the government will never forget how easy it was to take control of your life; to control every event, restaurant, sports facility, classroom, church, and even if you are allowed to leave your house.
      America was shut down over a virus with a 98% recovery rate. 26 million Americans are now unemployed. People lost their jobs, homes, livelihoods, and businesses because of this induced panic. The economic impact will take years to overcome. Cancer treatments were postponed. EMTs were told not to transport any cardiac arrest patients. More people were endangered than saved because of the government idiocy. Critical care for REAL patients is being put on hold.
      I will not jump on the hysteria bandwagon. I stick to my normal routine. I go to stores, visit friends and relatives, and go out as I wish.
      When “precautions” involve draconian policies that violate the constitution and civil liberties, that’s a police state. Pay attention to what the cops, mayors, and governors are doing when they violate civil liberties under the guise of “public safety”.
      State and local officials are competing to see which one can be the biggest bully.
      Orwell was right on the money.
      When the country regains some sanity, the media and the politicians who pushed this frantic behavior will forget all about it and the economic damage they caused with their overreaction. We won’t.
      Americans are fed up. Protests against this tyrannical bullshit are popping up all over the country. The lockdown will end whether the government likes it or not. If they push us too far, there will be another revolution that will make 1776 look like a minor scuffle.
      A government drunk with power is more dangerous than a virus.

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