Poll: Trump Approval Unhurt by Impeachment, Capitol Riot

In other words, despite the barrage of hate from the Left and the attacks from the Dems and their media tools, people are aware of all of the good he accomplished.


Despite the storming of the Capitol and subsequent second impeachment, President Donald Trump’s approval ratings as he leaves office are relatively unmoved by political unrest, according to the latest NBC News poll.

Trump’s approval rating of 43% among registered voters remains within the margin of error of most of his term, as he had a 45% rating before the Nov. 3 election loss and 44% when he took office in January 2017, per the poll.

The strength of his approval in the Republican Party is perhaps even more notably, considering 10 House GOP members voted for his impeachment this week without a hearing. Still, 87% of registered Republican voters approve of Trump’s job performance, which is just down 2 points since the 89% before the election.

“While a few Republican elected officials have broken with Trump, Republican voters are sticking with him for now,” Democrat pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research said. “As we’ve seen over the course of his term, major event after major event does little to shake Trump’s standing with Republicans.”

Also, Trump’s claims of election fraud and a “rigged” election continue to resonate within the GOP, as 74% of Republicans believe Joe Biden did not win legitimately, per the poll, as compared to 30% of independents and just 3% of Democrats. Just 21% of Republicans, compared to 61% of Democrats polled, said Biden’s victory was legitimate.

There is even a fraction of Republicans who have hardened in their Trump support, per the poll, with 28% saying the storming of the Capitol justified their Trump vote.

And on the other side, Democrats are unchanged in their disdain for the president. Just 5% of Democrats approve of Trump’s performance, the same percentage as before the election.

NBC News polled 1,000 registered voters Jan. 10-13 with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

1 thought on “Poll: Trump Approval Unhurt by Impeachment, Capitol Riot”

  1. John D. Egbert

    Having read the NBC story, there is one glaring omission: the breakout, by percentage, of Republicans, Democrats and Independents polled. Bet you a donut the Demonrats were way over-sampled while the Republicrats were correspondingly under-sampled; the Dependents don’t count. Why am I not surprised?

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