Portland Mayor Forced Out of Home by the BLM/Antifa Thugs He Supported

It’s all fun and games until the violent thugs you supported show up on your doorstep.


The mayor of Portland is planning to move as soon as the riots outside his condo cease. In an email, Ted Wheeler told the other tenants of his Pearl District condo he would be vacating the space to find a new place to live.

He stated he’s making the move for his and everyone else’s “safety and peace.” The mayor has also apologized for bringing everyone into his politics.

“I want to express my sincere apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you are experiencing due to my position,” he said. “It’s unfair to all of you who have no role in politics or in my administration.”

Demonstrators have notably swarmed the area surrounding the building, where they continue to call for his immediate resignation.

“(I am here) because Ted Wheeler should resign. …Last night, 100 cops arrested 29 peaceful protesters. Meanwhile, down the street from my house, one family’s house was shot up. They didn’t have cops there for 17 hours because he’s so busy arresting people like me, peaceful protesters.” – Robin McAlpine, protester

Footage showed some protesters setting fires, breaking windows, and even perpetrating assaults.

This is Portland:

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3 thoughts on “Portland Mayor Forced Out of Home by the BLM/Antifa Thugs He Supported”

  1. People in that area call this karma. I call it reaping what you have sown for these reasons:
    1. If you sow discord, you reap discord (not a “summer of peace”)
    2. If you sow a seed of discord, you reap a bushel basket of discord
    3. If you sow discord, you reap discord for a season (and this is only the beginning of harvest)

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