Portland Residents: ‘Where Are All the Cops’?

Congrats, Portland. You got that leftwing dystopia you voted for.

Fox News

Violent crime is rising faster in Portland than other parts of the country, but some residents say it seems like police aren’t around when they need them.

“It’s like they almost disappeared,” Loretta Guzman told Fox News.

Guzman owns Bison Coffee House in North Portland, which vandals targeted in early October after advertising Coffee with a Cop. Guzman said she decided to host the event because she heard complaints about safety in the city from her customers over the past couple of years.

“A lot of people feel really unsafe,” she said. “They’re angry, they’re sad, they’re mad. They feel helpless. They feel they don’t have a voice.”

Violent crime surged 38% in Portland between 2020 and 2021, according to FBI data, outpacing the rest of the country. Property crimes like car theft and vandalism also increased from 2020 to 2021, Portland Police Bureau data show.

Guzman’s customers tell her they’re frightened by people trespassing on their property and even stealing items, often while high on drugs.

“They have questions like, ‘Where are the police? How come they can’t come?’” Guzman said. “We used to see them all the time.”

……Current police response times are even slower than during summer 2020 when many officers were pulled off patrol duties to cover the historic riots occurring nightly in Portland and could leave high-priority callers waiting upwards of 16 minutes.

Since Portland defunded the police and turned over control to the leftwing extremists, crime has skyrocketed and

Antifa set up a terrorist training camp for kids.  They riot every anniversary of thug George Floyd’s death.  They riot on May Day.

Arson and looting are commonplace.

They murder Trump supporters.

The cops have been demoralized, targeted for attacks, and Ted Wheeler doesn’t give a fuck. That’s why Portland is a steaming pile of shit.


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