President Trump Breaks Ties With the Corrupt WHO


The World Health Organization has bent over backward to defend China in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak that originated in that country, and in turn, China has defended the W.H.O.

Leftwing Anti-Trump network CNN cut the broadcast in China as soon as he started to criticize Beijing’s crackdown on freedoms:


Their feelz were hurt.

WHO is run by a reprobate, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has a resume filled with atrocities:

  • Ethiopia’s former Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Was elected Director-General of the World Health Organization in 2017
  • Nominated Robert Mugabe, the Marxist former president of Zimbabwe, to serve as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador in 2017
  • Purposely covered up three separate outbreaks of cholera in Ethiopia, so as to avoid the impact that a public admission of a cholera epidemic might have on tourism and on his party’s public image
  • Was alleged to have helped facilitate a systematic genocide targeting the Amhara people of Ethiopia
  • Was accused of complicity in the commission of “crimes against humanity”
  • Served as a propagandist on behalf of Beijing in a massive coverup of China’s role in unleashing the deadly worldwide coronavirus pandemic in 2019-20


The World Health Organization is an arm of the corrupt United Nations, which is enough of a reason to defund the agency and stop allowing it to have influence over our policies.



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