President Trump Skips the Correspondents Dinner Circus, Holds Wisconsin Rally

All the media did was use it as a flat, unfunny platform to vent their bile over their TDS.

And they threw tantrums like 2 year olds.

The last time a Trump administration member attended their dinner, they paraded a foul-mouthed squalling she-ass who insulted Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway and Ivanka Trump.

President Trump held a rally in Wisconsin instead, which had a much better selection of people in attendance.

Things that weren’t covered at the correspondents dinner:

Contrite reflection over their trafficking of wild-assed allegations of ‘collusion’, ‘obstruction’ and the fake dossier, which Mueller reluctantly admitted was false.

A comparison of how journalists were treated by the Obama regime.

How Obama’s DOJ tapped into their phones and hacked into their computers.

Obama’s war on Fox News.

But he was liberal and black, so criticizing him for his law breaking and Constitutional violations was off limits.

Trump fights back at the unhinged Dems and their media tools, and he’s reversing the damage Obama did to this country.  They hate him for it.

All things considered, President Trump should continue to flip the bird at the cesspool of leftwing media shitstains and hold a rally every year at the same time.



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