Professor Jeffrey Sachs: Most Likely the US Was Behind the Nord Stream Sabotage

Ya think?



One year ago the State Department warned that if Russia invaded Ukraine the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will sit unused at the bottom of the ocean.

And this:

Fox News

The CIA warned its counterparts in Berlin earlier this summer of possible attacks on gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, according to a Tuesday report.

The German magazine Spiegel reported Tuesday that there were indications from the U.S. that there were signs of a planned attack on two North Stream gas pipelines.

The day he was installed, Biden signed an executive order to block the Keystone XL pipelinewiping out thousands of jobs and declaring war on the U.S. energy industry. He’s also  banned new oil and gas development on public land. But he helped the Russians with Nord Stream. He’s actually subsidizing the Russian war effort in Ukraine.  And after all that money his family made from Burisma.

Now, all of a sudden he blows up parts of the Nord Stream pipeline.

The CIA and the Biden regime just implicated themselves.


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