Professor John Marini Discusses Governmental Abuse of Power and its Effect on Individual Liberty

Via Fox News

The Constitution does not provide authority to the “administrative realm” in Washington, according to Professor John Marini.

Marini said on “Life, Liberty & Levin” Sunday that the Washington bureaucracy is a very prevalent part of government that has its own type of authority.

“There is absolutely no authority for the administrative realm in the Constitution. Every authority that is in the Constitution is a political authority, so it derives either from the legislative, executive or judicial powers,” the professor claimed.

“The administrative state is such a pervasive phenomenon that most people think of it simply as the bureaucracy,” he said.

“But it’s really much more pervasive than that because it not only is established in the institutions that are created by government, but it also has a kind of authority.”

……Marini claimed many of the people working within the bureaucracy are specially trained by U.S. colleges in any number of fields of concentration.

“Typically, the people that are in the bureaucracies are those who are trained in the universities in certain specialized areas. The American university is in a certain way really the keystone of the administrative state,” the Claremont Institute fellow said.

“Almost every major in college is utilized by government in one form or another. Because as it takes on more and more decision-making in social life… those decisions that used to be in civil society are put into the hands of bureaucrats.”



Government encroachment on civil liberties, free market enterprise, and individual rights, is nothing new. Both Woodrow Wilson Franklin Delano Roosevelt pushed socialist agendas that were oppressive and ignored the limits placed on federal government in the U.S. Constitution.

There’s a simmering anger out there; Americans are fed up with the abuse of power by arrogant politicians who forget that they work for us, not the other way around.  We are sick of them stomping all over the Constitution and dismantling individual rights. They believe they are above the law. They are arrogant, smug, self-absorbed, conceited autocrats who invent their own laws for their own selfish reasons. The Tea Party was created as a result.

Politicians shouldn’t delude themselves into believing that the American people aren’t serious about taking this country back.


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