Prog NYC DA Drops Murder Charges Against Bodega Worker Who Killed Thug in Self-Defense

He never should have been charged in the first damned place.


Prosecutors are moving to drop murder charges against a New York City bodega worker who fatally stabbed a man who attacked him. The Manhattan district attorney filed a motion to dismiss the charges against 61-year-old Jose Alba Tuesday.

This came after a reported probe determined they could not prove Alba was not justified in using deadly force. Alba contends he acted in self-defense when he killed 34-year Simon Austin, who camera footage shows attacked him behind the counter of the Blue Moon bodega on July 1.

The case drew widespread scrutiny with Mayor Eric Adams among several of Albas notable supporters. Adams said he cannot dictate or mandate how the Manhattan district attorney prosecutes crimes. However, the Mayor did add that his heart goes out to the hard-working and honest Alba.


Good thing Mr. Alba isn’t white and got the crime on video, otherwise the woke mob would have had him in prison.



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