Protesters Assaulted by Muslim Thugs at Dearborn ‘Arab Festival’, Police Do Nothing

As I’ve mentioned before, Michigan has become quite a muslim terrorist enclave.

From Atlas Shrugs.

Here is the news report of American Muslims attacking peaceful Christians at an Arab [Muslim] Festival in Dearborn this past Father’s Day weekend:

Here’s what the media didn’t air. Why did the police do nothing? And worse, the police threaten the Christians, telling them to leave or they “will cite you for disorder.”

Their presence is inciting the Muslims. Got that?

A civil rights lawsuit must be filed agaisnt Dearborn police department. ASAP.

This is sharia law in America.

The muzzies, who don’t like freedom of speech when it’s practiced by opponents, began assaulting the protesters with bottles, cans, and rocks.

The Dearborn police chief, Mike Jaafar, (a muslim, surprise) also showed up to the confrontation, and in case you don’t know, he appeared on the now-cancelled TLC pro-Islamist propaganda show, “All American Muslim”.

Hey Dearborn, you already lost one lawsuit in 2010, over your attempt to squelch freedom of speech.

It’s about time the muzzies got a taste of their own medicine. Dearborn has become quite a muslim extremist operating base, with Islamic jihad centers and mosques that are breeding grounds for terrorism.

That “Arab Fest” is an annual forum for radical muslims to congregate and spew hatespeech.  It’s a  hatefest that promotes ‘death to the infidel’ speeches and booths stocked with pro-terrorist flyers.

How did Dearborn become so invested in Islamic extremism?

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