Protests Grow Over SCOAMF’s Re-Election

Only three million votes separated Obama and Romney out of 126 million votes cast.  The country is sharply divided and the next four years will bring more anger as Obama continues his destruction of America.

23 states (so far) have flooded the Obama regime with petitions for secession. Texas got the required number of signatures right off the bat.

Here’s the petition for my home state of Ohio:

It’s just a symbolic gesture, but as you can see by the thousands of signatures and state petitions, there’s a lot of anger out there.

Florida Navy veteran flies flag upside down, as did a marine vet.

A Pennsylvania man followed suit.

Investors and business people, who have had a target on their backs since Obama was installed in 2008, have started selling off their assets.

You can’t blame them.

Elections Have Consequences.

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