Putin Grants Full Russian Citizenship to Edward Snowden

He’ll be given an AK-47 and sent to Ukraine.

Remember Snowden? He gave information to Wikileaks about the Obama regime’s extensive NSA surveillance operations.

Fox News

Russian President Vladimir Putin granted full Russian citizenship to U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden on Monday.

Snowden, 39, fled the United States to Russia after revealing information about extensive surveillance operations being conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). He is now a Russian citizen by presidential decree, Reuters reported Monday.

The announcement comes roughly two years after Russia granted Snowden permanent residency in the country.

The country first granted Snowden asylum in 2014 and has since resisted calls to extradite him to the U.S. Snowden faces espionage charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years in the U.S.

Strategic intelligence expert and author of “Putin’s Playbook” Rebekah Koffler says the move likely signals that Snowden is working more closely with the Russian government. She says he is likely now subject to Putin’s mobilization order but will be assisting Russian intelligence rather than serving on the front lines.

“While before, Snowden was willingly providing help to Russian intelligence, as of today, he will be directed to do exactly what the Russian government and military want him to do,” Koffler told Fox News Digital in an email.

“Snowden has more than likely been debriefed by Russian spy agencies and has provided highly sensitive information to the Russians that could harm Americans, including U.S. military personnel,” she added.

Snowden stated in 2019 that he would be willing to return to the U.S. on the condition that he got a fair trial.

“That is the ultimate goal, but if I’m going to spend the rest of my life in prison then my one bottom-line demand that we all have to agree to is that at least I get a fair trial,” Snowden told “CBS This Morning” at the time.


I would have had more respect for him if he stood his ground and faced Congress. If your principles and integrity are solid, don’t flee the country; it only raises questions about character and credibility.
There’s a difference between being a whistleblower and a traitor; the distinction is motive. If your purpose is to expose unlawful, unconstitutional abuse of powers, then by all means, raise hell. If you’re a disgruntled, whiny little crapweasel (Bradley Manning) who wants to damage national security to massage your ego, then you deserve the death penalty for the lives you endangered.

We’ll see how long Snowden stays in Russia.



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