Queen Nancy Disses ‘Occupy’

Nancy Pelosi just made the OWS punks taste bus tires today by claiming that the Democratic Party had ‘no real connection with the Occupy Wall Street movement’ even though she, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and even Obama have all made statements to the contrary.


‘Occupy’s rampage and crime wave, thus far excused and encouraged by the DemLeft, has finally worn thin.  Now we get to watch them tapdance their way out of responsibility.


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1 thought on “Queen Nancy Disses ‘Occupy’”

  1. I could argue that Nancy Pelosi has done more harm to this country then Obama has done or could do even with 4 more years.

    It is the zombies that agree with her that are speeding up the down fall of America.

    BTW, notice who is paying her to say these things? Look at the big sign behind her head.

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