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Lord Chasm
8:02 AM EST

If the Muslims have a Willie Munzenberg, he is having a good laugh at the useful idiots that spring to the defense of the Jihadis, insisting that “all religions are equally dangerous.”
Except only one major religion, in the name of that religion, blows up Spanish subways, English buses and underground stations, murders rape victims for their crimes, cuts the throats of Jewish schoolgirls in France, blows up Nigerian churches, destroys ancient monuments left by Buddhists in Afghanistan, massacres mall shoppers in Kenya, slaughters Hindus in India, tortures and kills Christians in East Timor, Forces Egyptian Christians to live on garbage tips, carries out unheard of “honor killings” in Western countries, defiles ancient churches in Syria, and flies planes into American buildings.

Naturally, they call themselves, “the religion of peace.”

—From a comment on: Islamic charity officials gave millions to al-Qaeda, U.S. says

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