Racist ‘Black Lives Matter ‘ Organizer Spews Anti-White Diatribe in ‘Diversity’ Class (UPDATED)

Background: Shackleford is the repulsive lump of shit ‘Black Lives Matter’ organizer, who has written a series of articles demanding that white people give her money (reparations) for being a “fat black bitch”.  Her ‘fat black bitch’ description is right on the money.


…..a video has emerged of Ms. Shackelford teaching a roomful of White people that not only are all White people racist; they will always be racist, or as she so eloquently put it, White people will always be “subhuman-demons.”

How charming is that?

Shackelford’s schtick is founded on “Critical Race Theory”….

Setting aside the above faux intellectualism, Shackelford takes a more “vernacular” approach to teaching White people how “racist” they are.

For example:

  • “All white people are racist”
  • “You’re always gonna be racist, actually”
  • “White people are born into not being human”
  • “Y’all are born into a life to not be human”
  • “That’s what y’all are taught to do, to be demons”

Notice how people who have just been called racist, sub-human demons simply sit there, as if they’re at a dinner theater?

Did you also see “PayPal Me” directly under “All White People Are Racist”? These people paid to be told they’re sub-human demons.


Her Website:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ashleighshackelford

Twitter: @ashleighthelion

Apparently, the heat from all the attention caused her to go into hiding:

Posters on Twitter gave her a bitch slap.

It’s time to throw shitbags like Shackelford into the dumpster of subhuman trash.


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