Racist Black Thug Beats Old White Man in Nursing Home, Videos the Assault for His Amusement

That animal needs the same treatment he inflicted on that old man.


Law Officer

DETROIT – Prosecutors have taken action against the man seen in shocking video over the weekend pulverizing an elderly nursing home patient.

Jaden Hayden, 20, was charged Sunday in connection with the vile beating of Norman Bledsoe, 75, at Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit, Fox 2 reported.

Hayden was sharing a room with Bledsoe at the facility. The suspect reportedly set up his cell phone in the room capturing the moment he severely attacked the defenseless man by repeatedly punching him in the head on May 10.

Nursing home staff rushed to the room and saw Bledsoe bleeding from both sides of his head. However, he led staff to believe he fell from his bed. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment. His current medical status is unknown.

Hayden was arrested on May 21 by Detroit Police after the video captured on social media caught the attention of Ann Arbor Police. It’s also alleged that Hayden stole Bledsoe’s credit cards, Fox reported.

As a result, Hayden has been charged with two counts of Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm, Larceny in a Building and two counts of Financial Transaction Device, Steal/Retain Without Consent.

“The alleged actions of this defendant are truly and uniquely disturbing. We must be able to trust our loved ones in specialty care facilities. I truly hope that the facts of this care are one of a kind,” prosecutor Kym Worthy said.

Hayden’s father claims he’s “mentally ill”. That’s unmitigated bullshit. He’s a vile motherfucker and a racist:



Name: Jadon Hayden
Address: 31767 Palmer Rd. Westland Michigan 48186

His mother:




Maybe some ‘Saltines’ will show up on his doorstep.

BTW: That nursing home has its fair share of shitbags:

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  1. This is insane. Does this nut think that he has evened the score for some slave in the 1860’s? What about the score that needed to be settled between Americans and Tunisians in the 1790’s? We could keep this up for a while (even without the creative work of the New York Times and its 1619 Project.

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